How can homosexuality be genetic when homosexuals don't reproduce? amirite?
Your eyes are hairy, amirite?

No, I haven't grown pupil hair yet.

Rednecks: Your GPA is equal to the number of teeth you have, amirite?
Monsters are not born; they're created, amirite?

Not according the Monster Reborn Yu-Gi-Oh card.


Insert fuck yeah face

Today, a 6th grader threw a sedimentary rock at me. He wasn't a very gneiss kid, amirite?
If you built a ring ten feet off the ground on supporting beams, all the way around the world, and then took out the supporting beams.....would it float? amirite?

One problem, theres probably going to be a few mountains taller than 10 feet in the way.

dear family, thanks for putting my empty cereal box back in the cabinet. now I can have disappointment for breakfast. amirite?
Theres always that one song that you hate, but everyone else seems to love...Amirite?

Black and Yellow.
I don't understand it, did the writer see a wasp or something?

You automatically assign different voices for the people in books, amirite?

I read Harry Potter in american accents until I saw the first movie.

te amo amirite. amirite?


English teachers could over analyze the book the Cat in the Hat, amirite?

And the butter battle book, and the snorlax (or whatever the one about the trees was)

If you're a teenager and you want old dirty-looking shoes, it's not gonna happen thanks to damn puberty, amirite?

After the 5th time reading this it still doesn't make sense.

You've made the ritard joke from the Hangover at least once, amirite?

Is this guy ritarded or something?

You've been in an earthquake before, amirite?
@Not me

Unless you do not live on earth you have been in an earthquake.