We mostly care for animals that looks "cute" like dogs, cats etc. But we have no mercy in killing "ugly" animals like spiders. amirite?

Not everyone is like that. Some of use care about all living creatures. Some of use think spiders are cute.

The 2 E's in "Bee" could actually be silent. B. amirite?

So could the w and h in Why. Y.

The smaller the casket is, the heavier of a burden it is to carry, amirite?

What if it's an adult miget? Still a burden, but at least it's not a kid

If humans didn't exist cats wouldn't know what tuna tases like. amirite?

Or what being put in a potato sack and thrown in a river feels like

Australia is finally "burning the house down" to get rid of all their spiders, amirite?

I'm from aus. Not funny, fuk off

It's a good thing meat tastes better once it's cooked to kill bacteria. amirite?

Did you know our mouths evolved to chew food before we swallow it?

most intelligent people see themsleves as idiots, whilst people with weaker cognitive abilities often think themselves as smart and intelligent, amirite?

The sad reality.

We pay garbage companies to take things that belong to us. amirite?

That's trash.

Cheez-its are only good for as long as it takes to realize they turn into sludge in your mouth. amirite?
People a hundred years from now are going to have a better idea of what was happening in the world in 2019 than we do today. amirite?

but just a few select people, the others wont care a bit

Squidward has only 6 arms, amirite?

Squids have 6 arms and 2 legs.

If there were infinitely many parallel universes, then we would visit each other all the time. amirite?

Unless you're not in a reality but a simulation and you don't really exist...

There is no such thing as wholesome vandalism, as it's not vandalism anymore, amirite?
No matter what remake or second adaptation... whichever one has Bill Murray is the better one. amirite?
@Velstrom Not a hater. Don't want to give that assumption. But I (personally) have my favorites.

Understandable. For me anything with Robin Williams is better than the one without him