For all we know, other animals have religion, amirite?

Humans are animals with a serious superiority complex xD

Funny prank: Change all the names in someone's phonebook to other peoples' names, and then while they're trying to figure it out you beat them to death with a crowbar, amirite?
Who came up with hugs? The very first hug must have been really creepy. "What are you doing?...Why are you holding me?" "Just trust me." amirite?

I can imagine Alan from The Hangover doing this :3

Suicide doesn't make any sense; it's like deciding to turn off a movie you liked because of one crappy scene. But the difference is, when you stop a movie, you can just choose another, or do something else. With suicide, you can't say, "Well, there goes that life. Let me have a second go." You threw away your only chance, the only thing you had, amirite?
once you know something about someone you can never look at them the same way again. amirite?

You... wash yourself everyday? OH WORD, this is disturbing. I can't even look at you no smilie

For once you would like to see a REAL reality show, where the only drama is when the person runs out of milk for their cereal, etc. amirite?

This reminds me of The Truman Show.

British and Australian accents are hot on guys.... but no one really discusses the cutest accent for a girl to have... amirite?

Well, it's obviously Kiwis...

Chopper Reid (as in Heath Franklin, the comedian) is fucking awesome, amirite?
I'm sorry, but your size 16 'curvy', 'womanly' body is definitely not healthier than Megan Fox's, and no matter how many times you say it, it is NOT more attractive, amirite?
@Yeah, because I consider a US size 11 to be pretty big.

All depends on the person, really. But size 16 - definitely does not count as curvy.

We have this student teacher who is a "Vegetarian", but she still eats eggs. Using that logic, I could eat unborn, human fetuses and not be a cannibal. amirite?
When you were a little kid, you really wanted those glow-in-the-dark stars that you could put on your walls, amirite?

I had them :D As well as smiley face ones.

No matter how much you love soda or milk, or juice, sometimes you just need a glass of water. amirite?

I thought water came before all that other stuff. Heh.

You're excited to hear The Strokes' new album, Angles :D amirite?
@WolfeDeWary I like them, if it is the band i am thinking of, what have they sung again?

Some of their songs are; You Only Live Once, Heart in a Cage, Juicebox, & Someday. The lead singer is Julian Casablancas - that would probably ring a bell if you know them.

Why is it that when you're really talented at a certain skill, people think you're just trying to show off? amirite?

Tall Poppy Syndrome :B

Asking someone to prove god doesn't exist is asking them to prove a negative, it can't be done. You can't prove something doesn't exist, because you would have to prove it exists first, amirite?

In which case god would supposedly be proven to both exist and not exist. How does that work?