Pluto is not a planet. Science is a bit more important than appeasing a bunch of 90s kids, amirite?
@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm Before you 'pumble' Earth, you might want to check into going to school here... Then you can pummel Earth all you want.

It's a combo of pummel and rumble. So yeah, that's what we do here, comblend words.
Learn to respect other languages.

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"Its easy to be Pro-Choice when you aren't the one being murdered!" Well....Its easy to be Pro-Life when you aren't the one pregnant. Amirite?
@geekspawn While I agree people who are pro-life should be supporting the mother, or even be willing to help care for the...

Calling the nine months after being raped in which you could not escape what happened to you for more than a second "difficult" is the understatement of the century. If you think the worst it would involve is "discomfort", you're delusional.
If your twelve year old daughter was raped and discovered she was pregnant, are you honestly telling me that you would stop her from terminating?
No, it's not the easy way out. There is no "easy way out" after being raped. But delaying the commencement of the recovery process by nine months? That's torture.
You sound unbelievably ignorant. I really don't think you understand the severity of rape.
As for justice? There is no justice in rape. The girl is victim and nothing more. She is a victim, and to call her "selfish" or a "murderer" is heinous.

25 years ago, a cargo ship transporting a load of mayonnaise to Mexico went missing after a severe storm out on the open sea. On May 5th, let us mourn the Sinko de Mayo. amirite?
@I really don't get it... Agh I'm an idiot. Explain it? Please?

Well, the "I'm feeling Lucky" part refers to the act of caressing the Lucky Charms cereal mascot. In the past decade, there have been countless claims that Lucky is sexually exploiting the young children that continually keep the cereal away from him. One of the more prominent cases, Lucky vs. Hot Blonde Bitch, was a case that involved the famed mascot's alleged sexual and violent relationship with one of the girls. The rape charges were dropped but Lucky was in fact charged with child abuse. Nowadays, the "I'm feeling Lucky" phrase has come to mean "I'm feeling imprisoned," because he's spent the last 16 months in Rainbow County jail.

I hope that clears things up.

If you went back in time to kill your grandfather so that you don't exist...who will go back in time to kill your grandfather, amirite?

Time is like a tree. Every decision we make creates a new branch.
When we change something in the past, we split a branch into two.
In one side of the branch is the world as we know it. In the other, is the ulterior universe in which the changes we made have taken their toll.

In this case, we would not exist in the ulterior universe.

I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering my food because she obviously had trouble listening, amirite?

How dare you, sir. How DARE you. There are STARVING children in Africa, and there you are sitting comfortably, loitering upon your high-horse in an eatery. How, in your feeble, toxic mind could you even FATHOM ordering food from-- oh. That's not the point of the post.

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I hate people who falsely claim they have OCD. "Omg I hate odd numbers! I'm so OCD (giggles)" ...No you're not, you're just stupid. Amirite?

The spacing in your ellipses is off by 12.37 Nanometers.

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Hate is a strong word. Unless you're comparing it to murderfuck. Murderfuck is a stronger word, amirite?
@ZombieBandwagon Just wondering, is "murderfuck" a verb or a noun?

who really gives a murderfuck if its a verb or noun? Just murderfucking throw it in there whenever you want to spice up a sentence.

I understand how they get mommy out of mother, but how do you get daddy from father, amirite?

would you rather be called Fatty?

An abusive relationship is NEVER justified. Amirite?
It's so awkward when you say, "Hey, remember that one time when we...oh wait, that wasn't with you. Sorry.", amirite?

Or, "Hey, remember that time we–" "YES YOU MENTIONED THAT TWICE TODAY"