Blackberries are the Myspace of cell phones, amirite?

About 70% of the students at my school have blackberries. It's honestly the most cost effective smart phone where I live.

People not from America: When Americans mention, "grade levels (7th, 8th, 9th, etc.)," You use the logic of Bart Simpson being 10 years old and in the 4th grade to figure out what age group they're talking about. amirite?
@strawberrymoo Ummm, don't most countries' kids turn 10 in the 4th grade? I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

You don't do more school than us then, you just number it differently. We do pre-primary then grade R then 1-12. So our grade R is the equivalent of your grade 1.
I don't know how the USA works though, I'm South African.

It's interesting to think about what your life will be like when you watch the 2016 Olympics, e.g. who you'll be watching with, where you'll be watching, amirite?

Hopefully chilling in my own flat on campus:)

Its annoying whenever you want to sleep in but then something wakes you up at like 8am and then you can't get back to sleep, amirite?

But 8am IS sleeping in :/

You think that people with two middle names should give one of them to someone with no middle name, amirite?
Agnosticism makes the most sense as a religious view, amirite?

This video makes it a bit obvious that the speaker thinks that Atheism is the right choice.

If a worldwide pandemic began, the only survivors (and therefore the ones with the task of repopulating the earth) would be on Madagascar, amirite?
@PeanutButterRatio God that game pissed me off.

(Anonymous):What is the name of this game? I've never heard of it before.

It'd be cool to have old stuff hanging around that was still usable, like a working typewriter or a working rotary phone. If that's thinking too far back, heck, it'd be cool to have a working V.1 Tamagotchi, amirite?

My friend has a typewriter. It's so much fun to use!

If New York city became the nation's capital, the suicide rate would be unbelievable. Amirite?

Why so? Sorry if I seem ignorant, I'm not from the US.

You meet someone called kevin or gary, and the first thing to go through your head is "who would look at their baby and go "oh, how beautiful - let's call him kevin!" ", amirite?

What's wrong with Kevin?

After reading a book by John Green, a lot of the stuff going on in your life seems incredibly trivial, amirite?

I've read Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. Busy with Papertowns now, I really love it:)
John Green is amazing!

You never return the glasses after a 3-D movie, amirite?
@Predy bad news it doesn't work that way....

Where I live it does. They always ask you whether or not you are going to buy glasses. I only buy them when I forget to bring my others.

If you had the choice between adding ten years on to your life, or getting 10 million dollars, you'd pick the 10 million dollars, amirite?

That depends. If I knew I was going to live to 90, I wouldn't want 10 years more. But if I was going to die at 30, I'd rather take the years.

It's ridiculous how many people were pissed off that a black man is playing Cinna in The Hunger Games. God forbid there be any black people in future America, especially one that is described as being quiet and calm! amirite?
@blazinghues Wow, I didn't know people were pissed about it. I thought Lenny was perfect as Cinna. I think the reason why the...

3 times? Aaaah lucky. Where I live it's only coming out on the 13th of April. Three weeks of agony!

It must have been boring to watch the Triwizard Tournament. In every event, except the first one with the dragons, it was impossible to see the action that was happening. amirite?
@remag They're magic. I'm sure they could conjure up a giant floating TV screen, with waterproof cameras to film the...

except they didn't do that, or they would have known about the cup taking harry and cedric somewhere else. and dumbledore only found out about harry trying to save the others in the lake by speaking to the king of the mer-people.