It's a good thing the procreation of the human species doesn't rely on female orgasms, amirite?
You liked Jesse McCartney better when he was a sweet surfer guy, not trying to be a raper, amirite?

The typo is probably why this got homepaged xD

Girls should tell you if they love you or not, not lie about it and make it complicated. amirite?

So should guys.

iCarly is actually really perverted. They use the term hobknocker and Freddie's apartment number is 8-D, amirite?

Don't forget "The Blowing".

You hate it when your frindle runs out of ink, amirite?

Isn't that from a book or something?

Americans: Since the title of the first Harry Potter was changed to "Sorcerer's Stone", you wonder if someone had to go through the entire book just to change the name every time it's mentioned, amirite?
@carlymomo or the book was already written, and they thought the Sorcerer's Stone was a better name. ex: Stephanie Meyer first...

The original was called "Philosopher's Stone" and I'm pretty sure it was based off a legend that most Americans aren't familiar with. They talk about the stone throughout the book with it's name, so that would be need to be changed.

Girls: If you want guys to stop having high expectations of perfect boobs and a nice ass in a girl, maybe you should stop having high expectations of every guy being a football player or track star able to bench 250 on a rep or run a 4.7. If you say girls with small boobs can be beautiful, then so can skinny guys be attractive, amirite?

I like skinny guys... :)

The chorus of the song "Mean" by Taylor Swift sounds like something a 3rd grader would chant on the playground, amirite?
@WoahElle You're pathetic and a liar. All you are is mean and mean and a lonely life...

I think it's "and alone in life", not "a lonely life". I could be wrong, though.

There should be a world masturbation day, amirite?

You don't even need to create that, it already is everyday!

'My Immortal' was the worst fanfiction ever, amirite?

I feel like I need to read it now...

It looks like in 6 years at hogwarts, only two people had a shower/bath, Harry and Cedric. amirite?

I've always noticed that no one ever goes to the bathroom, brushes their teeth, etc. But then again, no one wants to read about that. The books also don't mention when they ever bought Christmas presents for each other. But I guess that's not important either.

A wife says to her husband, "I want you to go out and buy me something new and shiny that will go from zero to 300 in under five seconds." So the man went out and bought her a scale, amirite?
@Tweedledee Amirite is a place to post opinions... not jokes... i mean come on the least you could do is put it in question format

If that is true, then why did Anthony put a Jokes section on the website? And it is in the correct format.

There are an endless amount of ways to say 'sex'. For example: Spoon in the pudding, buttering the muffin, firing the rocket, swinging the axe, Willy the Wonka, etc. I could go on and on, amirite?
@ender Is your muffin buttered?

That instantly reminded me of Mean Girls xD

It's annoying when you ask a person what kind of music they listen to and they respond with all kinds, which doesn't answer your question, amirite?
If it were not for Thomas Edison, we would all be watching television in the dark, amirite?

Ahem, Tesla.