Google's logos for the Olympics are really lame compared to what they've done for other things, amirite?
@Mary I think they're really cool!

I mean they're okay, but they're literally like clip art compared to why they're capable of

It's annoying when your group of friends go to a theme park and there's that one person who doesn't go on any rides, it's like why the hell did you come, amirite?

Yeah, I'm that person, too. I don't like most rides, especially roller coasters and ones that make me dizzy. So, usually I don't go. OR we'll bring someone else who doesn't like the rides, too, so I can have a ride-hating-buddy.

The best way to get a little kid to do something for you is by yelling, "I'll time you!!", amirite?

I do this to my little brother all the time. It never fails.

There's something inexplicably sad about seeing a balloon float away, amirite?
@TwinTurbo It's not inexplicable, your sad because your freaking balloon just flew away dumb ass.

I guess it's not really inexplicable, that just sounds more poetic. Watching a balloon fly away is sad because yes, you lost your balloon, but also because it's sad seeing something innocent like a balloon so far away and alone.

But that's just me. :)

Girls, you wish you could pull off one of those cute short pixie cuts without looking like a lesbian, amirite?

I wish I could pull it off without it turning into an afro.

It seems to me that in spongebob, as the animation got better, the show got worse, amirite?

There was a period of a few years where the animation was really good, and the episodes were hilarious. But lately, it's been going down hill.

There's just something weird about being in a room with a TV but the TV is off, amirite?

Sometimes that's kinda relaxing.

A little gap in the two front teeth can sometimes be really cute, amirite?

It's cuter on little kids.

You miss classic cartoons like Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry, amirite?
@JesseSeedath They Show Them A lot in my country, like Every Afternoon.

Yeah, I was watching a rerun when I typed this. I wish they still made new episodes, though.

Sometimes the future freaks you out, amirite?
It sucks that I'm fourteen and still don't have my period, amirite?

You should be so grateful that you still don't have to deal with it. It's a painful mess that you don't want. It's the only time it sucks to be a girl.

Brownies are the best when they're sorta moist and chewy, amirite?

It does sound kinda awkward. In fact, moist sounds moist.

When you were little and in a car, you would look out the window and imagine a person running along side your car, dodging obstacles as you drove, amirite?

Woah. I was thinking about making a post just like this yesterday, but I thought I was the only one who did it. Guess not. ^^

It's really hard to find a good halloween costume for a girl that isn't totally slutty, amirite?
It's really hard to find a good halloween costume for a girl that isn't totally slutty, amirite?
@eldorito Holy crap! BreakfastFan was right!

Yeah, but for the record, this is one of the first "slutty costume" posts. The rest came after.