They should make a realistic version of Call of Duty. For example: when you get shot in the leg, sorry bitch but you're limping for the rest of the round. Or being in the presence of too many AC130s would impair your hearing, so the game would go mute.And eventually, after beating Campaign Mode, you get Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Then, when you come home after your tour, your wife is banging your neighbor, amirite?

I know some kids who want to join the military because they like Call of Duty. ono smilie

Non-Americans: You know more about America than any American will know about your country, amirite?

PSSH. I know Canada SOOOOO well.
They live in igloos and ride to school on polar bears. On rare occassions, one of them becomes and internet sensation and is forced down to our country, becoming an even bigger hit when signed to a record label. And they all play hockey.

Girls: You save all your menstrual blood in a cup throughout the year, and then pour it in with the punch at the school dance, amirite?
In MW3 you destroy so much of Europe, you'd think you were the Greek economy, amirite?

Congrats on watching Colbert. Good job.

How much of a prick you are is directly proportional to how long your drink order is at Starbucks. amirite?

I'll have a double ristretto venti half-soy nonfat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double-shot gingerbread frappuccino extra hot with foam, whipped cream, upside down, double blended, one sweet 'n low and one nutrasweet. Oh and and ice. And serve it to me on the moon. That should be all, thanks.

If evolution's real, then why is holding poop in easier than holding pee in? Poop has lots of bacteria that can kill you, but pee doesn't have anything (unless you have a bladder infection), amirite?

what does holding in poop have to do with evolution?

We're overdue for an eruption in Yellowstone, We're overdue for Earth's magnetic field switching, We're approaching a galactic alignment, We're seeing natural disasters in places that don't necessarily witness these things. At some point in our life, shit's gonna go down, amirite?

Shit already went down. Shit is always going down. Tornadoes and Indian attacks and tsunamis and plagues of locusts, slave rebellions and solar eclipses and hordes of vikings come to pillage, volcanoes and freak lightning strikes and houses foolishly built on fault lines, packages lost in the mail and plummeting coconuts and poisonous snakes that get into people's homes and just ruin everyone's day, terrorists and extremists and boyfriends who cheat and toilets that get frequently clogged. The world is full of shit. It has always been full of shit. We see natural disasters of some sort at least once a month. Somewhere a forest is burning, a murderer is plotting, a religious fanatic is predicting the next apocalypse, and lava is slowly oozing out from a volcano in Hawaii. Shit went down in our parents lives, and our grandparents lives, and in the lives of the cavemen from whom we descended. Oh, you're a creationist? Well I'm sure some shit went down in God's workshop while he tried to figure out how to get our feet on straight. This post is meaningless. It means nothing.
Oh look, I told you off. Some shit just went down.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire should be renamed Harry Potter and the Year Nobody Got a Haircut, amirite?

Instead of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Harry Potter and There Was Some Rule During The Holidays That Students Are Allowed To Wear Muggle Clothes For Some Reason

You were born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning you break your legs, and every afternoon you break your arms. At night, you lie awake in agony until your heart attacks put you to sleep, amirite?

Spongebob: Remember Patrick, try to make the customer feel good.
Patrick: Got it.
door opens
Patrick: I LOVE YOU.

You were born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning you break your legs, and every afternoon you break your arms. At night, you lie awake in agony until your heart attacks put you to sleep, amirite?

You are a "Class A" suckeroonie if you believed this post.

If you are close to a five year old, really listen to what they have to say; because often times, the things they say and questions they ask can be ingenious and deep, without meaning to. Amirite?

"I have to poop." - My 5 year old cousin.

Its so wierd to think that right now you could be in a mental institute, and your whole life is just a story in your head,amirite?

Damn, I have a pretty good imagination.