About me.

My name is Sarah
I love to make people smile
My favorite sports are softball (not a dyke) and dance. Oh, and I joined the Quidditch team at my school! I made Gryffindor! However, I was surprisingly going for Hufflepuff..
17 is my lucky number
I love to sing, my favorite band is A Rocket to the Moon
I am also in love with A Very Potter Musical. Draco Malfoy makes me laugh :)
I am a huge Michigan fan, specifically the Tigers. However, im not from Michigan..
I am very outgoing and I love adventure. I hate just sitting around all day, it bugs me.
My sister always asks me why I wasnt diagnosed with ADD because I get very distracted. I like to describe it as very observant and my brain thinks faster than I can speak.
Words to live by: Maybe its not my weekend, but its gonna be my year.