I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

The voice in my head that read this sounded reaaaaaaally stoned.

Girls: Sometimes you feel bad because you have to pretend to guys that you have your period each month. They probably know it's a myth and that we have them only each couple of years. amirite?

Why did you reveal the secret?! There's a price on your head now.

When you buy clothes that are like American Eagle, HCo, A&F, or Aeropostale, you are just paying for the name... the clothes are actually crap and you know that, amirite?

American Eagle has some pretty good jeans. The ones I buy there always last me a long time.

Girls: you fart really loud when your alone, but once your with a boy you like you hold it in like theres no tomorrow, amirite?

Girls don't fart.

Justin Bieber calls himself the Kurt Cobain of today, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, amirite?

He really needs to stop comparing himself to musicians who are actually talented.

If Anthony hosted an Amirite party for all of us, the theme would be Harry Potter, there would be a Justin Bieber Pinata, the DJ would be Pedo Bear playing our crazy remixes of Dynamite, we should share "Dear ___" letters, and a HUGE religion argument would erupt when half the table says grace before eating, amirite?

I think there would be a mass murder, soooo I would not be attending.

Okay assholes. If you commit arson on the location of a new mosque, you are no better than the people who knocked down the towers, amirite?
@Lol I reported u for not being funny

No one says you have to be funny on here.

We have english lessons so you wonder if chinese people or whatever have chinese lessons, amirite?

How else are they supposed to learn their language?

Girls: A nice thing about not having a boyfriend is that you don't have to watch the Superbowl, amirite?

I was going to watch it regardless of my relationship status.

What’s the point of the History Channel? I mean really? Who’s flipping though the channels and is like: “YES! A documentary on the French Revolution!”? amirite?

I love the history channel, it's much more interesting than the garbage they have on MTV.

If you were in charge of the "Kiss Cam" at sporting events, you would pick out awkward couples to be put on the screen just for the fun of it, amirite?

I went to a hockey game and they zoomed in on these two people sitting together awkwardly. They wouldn't kiss and everyone booed them.

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?

My school won't let us have holes in our jeans, not even the little fringe looking stuff on the pockets. It's so damn difficult to buy pants now, since almost every other pair has some sort of hole or fringe on it. It's ridiculous.

High school shouldn't MAKE you take classes like Chemistry or Geography or Calculus if you're never planning on USING them. What if my future career goal is an actress? Or a weatherman? Or a fashion designer? Last time I checked, none of those professions involve Trig or AP History, so we shouldn't be forced into taking classes that we hate, amirite?
@Are you in one of those "special" schools?

No, asshole. I live in a rural area. Most rural schools don't offer AP courses.

I know it SOUNDS wrong, but if you're a female and you're big and bad enough to hit a guy (roughly your size), then you're big and bad enough to get hit back. You wanted equality, amirite?

I've seen some crazy bitches take on huge guys. It was kind of scary.

"it's so cold here! It's 50 degrees Fahrenheit" ".......sorry I had to convert that to a measurement that the rest of the world uses", amirite?

That might be cold if you're from Florida.