You're sad that Amanda Bynes decided to retire, because she wasn't just an annoying Hollywood It girl, regardless of what you think of her acting skills, amirite?

Yea, she said she's un-retiring. Which I'm happy about, because she's really a great actress.

You kind of don't get why people are so sad about Harry Potter ending, it already ended when the last book was written. Yeah the last movie's coming out, but you were way more invested in the books than the movies, amirite?

Well, now there won't be many big events, like premieres, to anticipate and celebrate with friends and other HP fans. Like, when the last book ended, fans were terribly sad at the end, but we realized that there were still 2 more books to be turned into movies, so we didn't fully admit to the end. It's just kind of all over now and it's very sad.

The worst part of using dishwashers is having to empty it. Amirite?

Loading it is the worst part! At least the dishes are clean when you empty it!

"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?
You love when your teachers tell you stories about their personal lives instead of teaching lessons, amirite?

I loved that, until last year where that is all my teacher did (and didn't teach us a thing except "life lessons") so it was insanely hard to get good grades.

Emma Watson's new haircut makes her look like a lesbian: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. She's officially no longer hot, amirite?

I liked her longer hair better, but she still looks great because she has the face to pull it off. She looks edgy and modern.

Dear Chex Mix,
could you please lower the ratio of pretzels to tasty things?
Everyone, amirite?

The pretzels are the grossest, even more than the wheat chex. The brown rye chip things are the best!

Obama putting a tax on Christmas trees is a dick move, amirite?

It's 15 cents on a tree, and the money goes to help Christmas tree growers in support of more fresh Christmas trees. It's really not outrageous.

Whoever can bring me the head of David Yates atop a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince shall receive a hefty reward, amirite?

Yes! I mean, the new movies are still good, but they stink compared to the book. Although I did think HBP was better than OOTP, but not my much.

Its so crazy to think that our sun is the same one everyone sees around the whole world, amirite?

...and it's the same one that everyone in history has seen.

As good as Drake and Josh was, iCarly is still better. One word: Sam. amirite?

Gibby and Spencer are my fav.

Students in AP classes shouldn't have summer homework. Summer homework should be for the stupid kids, amirite?

I don't think the poster meant that people who aren't in APs are stupid, just that summer hw should only be for the people who need it.

"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?

I like both, but I always get cake cones.

Its funny how in trailers for big movies its always like "The movie the world has been waiting for" umm I wasnt waiting for it... amirite?

Minus the Harry Potter movies :)

"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?