About me.

Hi, I'm Andrea (An-dree-uh. that's how I pronounce it.)

-I'm a notorious user of emoticons. Especially hello smilie.
-I love blind mode.
-I follow everyone that follows me and then some.

Past usernames

I like my current username and it's how most people know me, so I don't think that I'll change it again any time soon.

-Everything artistic/musical/technology-related

-I am a BEAST speller. I used to be a grammar-Nazi then I realized that they're usually annoying.

-Theatre's my favorite class in school. Maybe I've found my calling. I also am in chorus. Alto, mofo.

-Green Day
-Tori Amos
-Cyndi Lauper
-Bad Brains-
Amy Winehouse (WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?!?!)
-Marina & the Diamonds
-Tenacious D will rise again. This is a scientific fact.
-Automatic Loveletter

-becoming a mod
-defeating trolls for the sake of the community

  • get the "The Decider" accomplishment. I'm 30% there right now.

-I enjoy talking about myself, but I also enjoy hearing about people. So add to the conversation!

glassJAw and I have the same name, so go talk to her:
I know Csborock and Dewdrop123 in real life: