When zombies take over the world, everyone should go to Costco. It has thick concrete walls, years worth of supplies, and the zombies can't get in unless they have a membership card. amirite?
When everyone has iPhones and Androids, it sucks to have a phone like the Samsung A780, amirite?
It's nearly impossible to think of a movie (other than kids movies) in which none of the main characters has a love interest, amirite?

Saving Private Ryan?
At least that I can remember...

You didn't know that you can also refer to your big toe as your "hallux". amirite?
It's sad when people don't even know the actual name(s) of their favorite artist. Amirite?
Girls: you never know which type of mascara is the best becase they ALL claim to be, and it gets pretty annoying, amirite?
You wish that you could meet a police officer who acts the same as the cops in Superbad, amirite?

Sex Drive.
"The big Mexican won't go down!"

Canadians: you hate Russia right now, amirite?

After five unanswered goals, we didn't even deserve it anymore.

Why do we learn spanish? It will help us with a passed out hispanic man. For example: "Oh my gosh, he's passed out! Don't worry, I got this! Como estas??" "gughhguuugh" "No comprendo, amigo! How about, como te llamas??" "ugughhughhghu.", amirite?

Pasame una cerveza mi amigo!

SOHCAHTOA, amirite?

Definitely failed trig.

Anyone who can sing all of "One week" by the Bare naked ladies is a god, amirite?

The Sailor Moon part always screws me up.



It would just be because of the changing generations, no?
Like, in 50 or 60 years all the grandparents will be named like Tyler and Jessica, and the teens and adults and babys will all have different sets of names.

Canadians: Newfoundland is the province everyone makes fun of. amirite?

We always make fun of Saskachewan...and occasionally Alberta, but mostly just Albertan drivers trying to navigate B.C.

Hopefully Mean Girls 2 will be as good as the original, amirite?

This is so totally not fetch.