If a man does balls transplant, and then he has a child, it won't be his child. amirite?

Do you know enough about biology to be confident in that theory? Are sperm programmed and designed by the testicle or by another entity in the body?

When the first manned mission lands on Mars, whatever they do will be a world record. amirite?
There's probably never been a quadriplegic serial killer. amirite?
@browndog888 There was an episode of Criminal Minds about one. I guess it's possible.

And he was Canadian.

No one's safe when Canadians start offing people by the dozens.

Blowjobs must be a tense affair in Cannibalistic societies. amirite?

As in vegan societies.

Most people do not know what bitcoin is, despite that people's lives will revolve around it rather soon. amirite?
@Legendnoel77 Will lives revolve around it though?

Well apparently it might replace the dollar. Idk though.

The afterlife seems like it'll be overcrowded. amirite?

If there's an afterlife or a premortal life then it should have infinite space, especially if an omnipotent deity resides there.

We will never see phone lines being cut in horror movies ever again. amirite?

Mobile phones with 1-2% will replace it as a way of creating tension/danger.

You were probably a NPC in someone's dream. amirite?
The scene in Frozen where Ana punches Hans would never be allowed if the genders were reversed. amirite?
Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were weird to them. amirite?

...but they remember me.

It's neat how plants spring back up in the spring which may be why it's cаlled spring. amirite?
@Mihneacuzino Google.

What does this have to do with Google?

CCGGAAGFFEEDDDDCGGFEEDGFED is your ABCs if you said the note it is in the song and not the letter, amirite?

Not anymore! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Because of toothpaste, mint is probably the most common taste in the world, amirite?

Wait...despite the fact it's a plant?

At no point in history have more people been completely wrong about something. amirite?

This would be true at any point in history.

There are sacks in your skin that create a protein which contains a chemical history of your choices and environment in the recent past. The sacks themselves contain a genetic history of your ancestors' choices and environment in the distant past. amirite?