Millennials have a historically low 4.2% of wealth. And 2% of that 4.2% belongs to just one millennial, Mark Zuckerberg. amirite?

I'm hopeless at math but would it be clearer to say 50% of that 4.2% belongs Zuckerberg?

There may come a day where you will need two cars because you will have one on the charger and still need to go somewhere. amirite?

Yeah, sounds about right.

On the final Biblical Judgement day it is very likely that half of us with show up in our pajamas or Naked, amirite?

Except Judgment Day is made up.

If Superman were real he'd probably have severe PTSD from all rescues he'd took part in. Thus making him vulnerable to depression, not just Kyrptonite. amirite?

Thats a big IF

If ghosts really exist and can kill you, the first few seconds after they do will be really awkward for all involved. amirite?

Unless it's a ghost rapist and he just wanted that flesh off of you before he had his way

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?
@Kionix Maybe we just don't know what we are missing like a shadow would have no idea it is missing depth

You're describing a shadow as having some sort of active manifestation.

Think of it like this. Shadows don't exist, they're just gaps in between light.

Humans need to decide which they like better - Dogs or fireworks. amirite?

Hot dogs. K9 Workforce. r_r

Our brains are actually in a nutshell... amirite?

Yes, yes they are

The easier it is for you to laugh on the lamest of jokes is how full of life you are, amirite?

I resent this sentence! You my friend are an idiot! /s

For all we know, entrance to heaven or hell could rest on the perentage of shopping carts we successfully return to the corral. amirite?

I return other people's carts too. One time even returned a mobile scooter that someone left parked next to my car. Where am I going?

One day there will be something even more extreme than vegan and they will shame everyone even vegans and be even more annoying. amirite?
@Boknows12 Jains.

Jainism has existed for thousands of years, and I don't think they go around preaching or advocating their life choices onto others

The "&" symbol looks like a guy dragging his ass through the floor. amirite?

Ngl i see a man sitting on the floor with a boner

Thats what i see

Don't ever compare yourself to someone else, amirite?
Due to inflation, the dollar store will probably either have to progressively sell lower quality products, eventually mark their prices up to something more than a dollar, or just go out of business. amirite?

Well years ago they were 99 cent stores so they only inflated prices by 1 penny.

There's nothing more depressing than promotional birthday spam. amirite?
@freq432 Just get like one a year for some years and you have a free flight ( except if its only one coupon per flight or...

Discount is per booking not per person. So if your SO has a birthday 10 days from yours, they have to book their own flight. You can't book together.