Zebras are an evolutionary curveball. amirite?

Their pattern isn't intended for them to blend in with their surroundings. Their stripes more provide an optical illusion to predators when they're all running together.

Our real birthdays is the day that your mum got pregnant, amirite?
If the two main lightsaber colors are red and blue, then Star Wars is an intergalactic battle of bloods and crips. amirite?

Time for some Star Wars lore: the blue color signifies a Jedi that is stronger in dueling (or lightsaber combat) than the force. A green color signifies the inverse. A red color signifies a hurt crystal, since they are living beings. The white color signifies a healed crystal, one that was red but is now healed. A purple color signifies a perfect balance between the light and dark side in a person. Possibly the rarest color.

The scariest thing to see when camping alone at night isn't a bear, it's a human, amirite?
@KilljoyX It really depends on where you are.

I get what you're saying, but it feels like op meant isolated, we need ops input!!!

There's no genetic problem with same-sex relatives marrying. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Have you found any cavities?

Still trying to reach the end of the first one.

Parents yell at you for your voicemail box being full when you're saving their old voicemails in case they spontaneously die, amirite?

You can download audio files to a hard-drive

Flynn rider only chopped off Rapunzel's head hair could she still heal people with the rest of her body hair, amirite?
The scariest thing to see when camping alone at night isn't a bear, it's a human, amirite?

Completely depends on location. I've never had a problem with people camping in Colorado, but I don't feel so good about the bears.

However, the one camping trip I did in Humboldt county had some very not-scary bears, and some VERY questionable run-ins with human beings.

Poor grass. Everybody just walks all over it. Even when it tries to stand up for itself. amirite?

You know that freshly cut grass smell you love so much? Yeah that's actually the grass screaming in agony and frantically trying to heal itself.

Soon, people will need to start leaving their passwords on their will. amirite?
One way to really tell someone's greed is to see how filling their food is. amirite?

You could also look at it as how generous someone is, ie. If they provide a good quality filling meal vs a cheap "gourmet" snack. However I am not certain to which side of the coin you were referring.🧐

Erotic word for vagina is pussy, penis is cock, but ass doesn't have one. amirite?

It's butt to ass.

Admit it, you don't know any Greek people who haven't been dead for more than 2000 years. amirite?

giannis antetokounmpo????

Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were weird to them. amirite?
In movies and video games people die way to quick from knive stabs and way to slow from gun shots. amirite?

How quickly someone dies from a knife or gunshot wound can vary wildly. Either can be nearly instantaneous or long and drawn out.