A car that never ran out of fuel will always contain tiny amounts of its first tank fill, amirite?

… and people say homeopathy doesn't work!

If reincarnation is real, and living a bad life leads to reincarnation as a non-human, there must be a way for non-human beings to live a good life and become human. amirite?

how can fkin beetle live a good life?

It is not inconceivable that a debate will spark regarding the rights of artificial intelligence within our lifetime. amirite?

quite likely

The only aggression society rewards is white male aggression. amirite?

If you mean financially, no. Male aggression yes, in sports and combat. If you mean socially, no. Male agression is pretty frowned upon in daily life.

The only aggression society rewards is white male aggression. amirite?
The first cheese wasn't "made", it was eaten out of necessity/desperation, amirite?

That's untrue. It may have been discovered by mistake but its not likely it was randomly made because desperation. Nutritional Anthropologist believe cheese was discovered because milk used to be carried in calve and goat stomachs.

What's going down is the opposite of what's up. amirite?

Its in WhatsApp

The easier it is for you to laugh on the lamest of jokes is how full of life you are, amirite?

I resent this sentence! You my friend are an idiot! /s

It's neat how plants spring back up in the spring which may be why it's cаlled spring. amirite?
@Mihneacuzino Google.

What does this have to do with Google?

Guns are so dangerous even fake ones kill people, amirite?
@Thee-Apple-Lord it's too bad Baldwin wasn't familiar with basic gun safety, this easily would have been prevented.

The prop person is also to blame since they get everything ready for the actors to use. It's not all Baldwin's fault.

A sincere "I don't know" is always a correct answer. amirite?
There's no genetic problem with same-sex relatives marrying. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Have you found any cavities?

Still trying to reach the end of the first one.

your clothes only get stuck in the door handles when you are in a bad mood, amirite?

Ha! So true...seems like I stub my pinky toe when I'm mad too. Lol

Writing a diary is considered sane and respectable but talking to yourself is considered crazy and bizarre. amirite?
@freq432 Nothing wrong with taking to your self

I know why do people think it's so weird?

Most people do not know what bitcoin is, despite that people's lives will revolve around it rather soon. amirite?
@Legendnoel77 Will lives revolve around it though?

Well apparently it might replace the dollar. Idk though.