No one eats the skin on a kiwi. amirite?

I just found out that a friend's boyfriend eats the whole kiwi, except for that little hard part. I was amazed and disgusted at the same time lol

Nicolas Sparks might as well just become a script writer because every book he writes becomes a movie e.g. The Notebook, The Last song, A walk to Remember... amirite?
It seems like movies that have two friends eventually falling in love begins 10-15 earlier than present day, amirite?

Oh shoot, meant to say 10-15 years.

No one ever complains about how much the Black Eyed Peas autotune, amirite?

I think it's because nobody cares about the Black Eyed Peas anymore.

It would suck if a laxative kicked in while you were having sex, amirite?

If you know you're going to have sex, then don't take a laxative until after.

In the aftermath of any kind of disaster or crisis, the hero is always sitting in the back of an ambulance and wearing a blanket over their shoulders even if there's no reason for them to be cold, amirite?

Yeah wrapping blankets around someone's shoulders is good for someone who's in shock. It provides them comfort in a way.

Saying that you're a vegetarian when you still eat fish is like saying "Oh I'm a lesbian, but I still like a little bit of penis", amirite?

There are different kinds and levels of being a vegetarian. Pescetarian is just one of the categories of vegetarianism.

Boy Bands like *NSYNC or even the BSB are way better then some groups/artists nowdays. At least those guys could SING, amirite?

BSB are STILL amazing. Still making music these days, but I find people don't appreciate them enough anymore because they think since BSB were mainly popular in the 90's that it's not "cool" to like them anymore.

It doesn't make sense to make a 3rd Step Up movie that has nothing to do with the first two. amirite?
@Umm 3D Channing Tatum ... who cares?

Channing Tatum isn't in the 3rd movie at all

A period leak on your wedding day would suck, amirite?

The pill tends to make things more regular, so it's pretty easy to plan a wedding many months in advance and still plan around that time of the month. Of course, if you're not on the pill, it's a hit or miss situation

When you see someone talking on their phone, who's visibly upset and hurt by what the other person is saying to them, you kind of wish you could just grab the phone and scream at the jerk in return, amirite?
@Kluklayu I was just thinking the same thing...

Yeah me too. Unless you know for sure who the person is talking to on the phone and what they're upset about, then I don't think doing that is a good idea...

You've always had one more birthday than how old you are, because the day you were born also counts as a birthday, amirite?

Actually, it counts as THE birthday, as opposed to a birthday :)

All the crime shows have that one "by the book" cop/agent and the other has a "gut" or unorthodox way of doing things, and some characters with sexual tension so bad it hurts, amirite?
All the crime shows have that one "by the book" cop/agent and the other has a "gut" or unorthodox way of doing things, and some characters with sexual tension so bad it hurts, amirite?
@Swimmyness That's what I immediately thought of!

But Abby and McGee also have some intense chemistry going on lately too.

If there's a "wind chill" there should also be a "sun heat" where it feels hotter than it really is because the sun is beating down. "It's eighty-five degrees out today, but with the sun heat you'll swear it's 100 because there's not a cloud in the sky," amirite?

Yeah its called humidex. Weather network usually has a "feels like" section. They'll give the weather, and in the winter or summer, they'll also say what it feels like