Probably the reason that Zac Efron is so much more successful than other former Disney stars is because he hasn't tried to make a career out of singing. He just sticks to acting. amirite?

Don't hate on Headmaster Zefron, guys.

We should all thank hipsters for keeping real culture alive, amirite?

Keeping culture alive is so mainstream.

Your mom and dad wouldn't be too happy if you traded your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the child snatcher from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. amirite?

'I guess I don't know my own strength.'
'Anything's possible with the unholy strength of the damned.'

no matter what grade you are in, it is still awesome when the teacher gives out rewards like stickers or candy, amirite?

My French teacher rocks! She does this all the time, and her room is the warmest in the school. The only problem is that her hallway is populated by irritating freshmen...

You're never too old to idolize Disney princesses. amirite?

I always liked Kidagakash. But that's just me.

There are two kinds of teachers. Those that are genuinely interested in teaching and have a passion for it, and those that have failed in their chosen career and who instead now teach it eg: a failed accountant teaching accounting. Unfortunately there seem to be more of the latter. Amirite?

"Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym."

Girls: You'd rather pay $65 for a pair of Ugg look-a-likes (Bear Paw) than $200 on actual Uggs. All you'd be paying for is the little tag on the back. amirite?

Yeh, they are (I was coerced into buying a pair of knockoffs). And I forgot to mention - the cheap-crap-from-China store right across from my school sells Ugg patches, just basically the labels, so you can sew them on and have a pair of 'Uggs'.

Some names look awesome with a Y or when you add one. For example, Zendaya, Jazmyn, Dyamond...amirite?
There is always that one person who HAS to play as Peach in Mario Kart. Amirite?

Me! But I'm only peach until I unlock Princess Rosalina...

It'd be an interesting change of pace if male politicians started growing beards again like they did in the late 19th century, amirite?
@ThatOneNut Powdered wigs would be funny too

My friend and I were watching a Monty Python skit one day, where the lawyers had to wear powdered wigs. Her dad's a lawyer, so she bought him one for father's day. The fact that he's bald just makes it a thousand times more awesome.

Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Key (down, left, right) was probably the best prank to play on teachers. Amirite?
You wonder if Poseidon's last name is Jackson. amirite?
@Shugah But he was named after Perseus, son of Zeus, for a reason I can't quite recall.

It was because Perseus was the only demigod with a happy ending to his story. Of course, he decapitates his grandfather with a discus, BUT STILL.

Really, what did Dinkleburg ever do to Timmy's dad? amirite?

he was timmy's mom's first boyfriend

If you think about it, Tangled is basically the exact same opposite of Hunchback of Notre Dame: a beautiful princess/misshapen hunchback locked up in a tower by an evil witch/judge/priest who sheltered them and told them the world was awful. The princess/hunchback escapes and finds a wonderful world and a love on the outskirts of society: a gypsy/thief. And then the villain falls off the tower.... amirite?
It's a bit embarassing when you ask a firend if they want to hang out today and they say, "Sorry, I'm in (far away place)", amirite?

Is it wrong that I read this as 'firebender'?