If you were stuck in one room with 3 other people, for 10 hours, who would you want the other 3 people to be?

My sister and my two close friends, I don't think we'd have any problem talking for ten hours :)

What vegetable is used to make sauerkraut?
What vegetable is used to make sauerkraut?
Surely a good compromise in the guns debate would be to give people wishing to defend themselves a non-lethal weapon like a taser or a gun with rubber bullets, that way they can defend themselves by temporarily incapacitating the enemy until the police arrives and nobody dies in the process. It's just as much a deterrent to criminals without the death.

I think this is a brilliant idea, can't believe it never occurred to me!

It's better to be a social outcast than to go out every other weekend and get drunk as hell and totaly wasted

Depends which one is the happier person..

Guns aren't going anywhere. There is no reason to let emotions run wild and ban firearms. Israel has had no school shooting since it adopted a policy that arms teachers on school grounds almost 40 years ago. Thailand has had school shootings drop drastically since they employed the same policy eight years ago. Kennesaw, Georgia hasn't had a single homicide in 25 years since requiring every household to own a firearm. We need MORE guns in the hands of responsible citizens.

What a horrific post.

There is at least one book that you don't think you could ever read too many times, amirite?
Although you feel bad about it you do look at photos of you and your friends and compare yourself to them, amirite?
@i dont feel bad.

I kinda meant if you thought you looked nicer, but felt harsh putting that..

A Scarier place!! :')

It's amazing how much space a sprawled out, sleeping pet can take up on your bed, amirite?

Yep, my dog likes to sleep right next to me, her neck wrapped round mine, head on the pillow, under the duvet. I got so sick of been suffocated I bought myself a double bed haha.

Your first kiss wasn't all that amazing, amirite?

Mine was actually disgusting lol...

You have never seen a baby squirrel, amirite?

I actually looked after a orphaned one when I was younger, but she died in the end ) :

As much as you'd like to know what people say about you behind your back, you also know it probably wouldn't make you any happier, amirite?
As much as you'd like to know what people say about you behind your back, you also know it probably wouldn't make you any happier, amirite?
@Stuff But at least you know where you stand.

Hmm, fair point but I personally value my happiness above knowing where I stand with people, considering a lot of what I say about other people I often regret or mean nothing by.

See that pregnant teen over there? She's a slut. See that guy doing his homework from last night? He stayed up all night playing Black Ops. See that man with the ugly scars? He likes to get into drunken fist- fights. See that show-off guy? Well, he's just a fucking show-off. See that fat woman? She loves to eat. This is what Facebook groups SHOULD say, amirite?