Easter is not about chocolate, we celebrate it in honour of the day Jesus hatched from the egg of the Easter bunny, amirite?

This actually made me lol!!

A real problem is being homeless and only having your sick dog to love and care for while being in severe debt, living off of small tips the generous public gives you every day or two. Cutting yourself because you broke your iPod and your parents won't let you go out tonight is not a real problem. Grow the fuck up, please. amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Or, they're attention whores, and they'll do anything they can to get it.

Whatever, I give up, you obviously feel more comfortable been insensitive and ignorant and not budging an inch in your narrow minded limited views.

shaving your legs somtimes feels like a waste of time, amirite?

Or its winter and no one see's your legs..

Guns aren't going anywhere. There is no reason to let emotions run wild and ban firearms. Israel has had no school shooting since it adopted a policy that arms teachers on school grounds almost 40 years ago. Thailand has had school shootings drop drastically since they employed the same policy eight years ago. Kennesaw, Georgia hasn't had a single homicide in 25 years since requiring every household to own a firearm. We need MORE guns in the hands of responsible citizens.

What a horrific post.

There is at least one book that you don't think you could ever read too many times, amirite?
God supposedly created us in his image, so if you ask me, God could have been gay too. Amirite?

If God exsists he shouldn't hate anything, hate is a negative feeling for humans not God, he should be above that...

A Scarier place!! :')

As much as you'd like to know what people say about you behind your back, you also know it probably wouldn't make you any happier, amirite?
@Stuff But at least you know where you stand.

Hmm, fair point but I personally value my happiness above knowing where I stand with people, considering a lot of what I say about other people I often regret or mean nothing by.

pain sucks, amirite?

Yes, but if you think about you do need pain because otherwise you would'nt know when somthing was wrong..

Why are there glow in the dark tampons, amirite?

There are!!!?!?

how can asians wear eyeshadow? amirite?

I'm confused...

Just because I'm a Muslim, it doesn't mean I'm a terrorist, amirite?

Omg what is wrong with the 10 people who said 'no way' its worrying that anyone is that ignorant..

Guys: you wish girls would stfu and stop complaining about their periods and giving birth on here. It isn't our fault, amirite?

Haha, if giving birth isn't a guy's fault, whos is it......?

You can spend, minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened - or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on. amirite?

Facebook group?

Although you feel bad about it you do look at photos of you and your friends and compare yourself to them, amirite?
@i dont feel bad.

I kinda meant if you thought you looked nicer, but felt harsh putting that..