its sad that my mom is only spending $50 on back-to-school clothes, amirite?

Let's see, I went shopping today for "back-to-school".
My mom said I could buy clothes and anything else and she'd pay, but guess what? I bought a $9 shirt that I wanted and a white t-shirt that I needed for tennis. With my own money.
Why did I not spend a ton? Because I'm not a greedy biotch and feel that my closet is already full enough, and I can survive without buying another truckload. If you really want to buy something, use your own money.

its sad that my mom is only spending $50 on back-to-school clothes, amirite?

No. If you whine about getting ONLY fifty dollars from your parents to Kohl's you are.

If you place the word "Gullible" in the comments section it will be auto-corrected to "Intelligent", amirite?


As simple as we are, most girls just don't understand us guys. amirite?

I like how this is in the food catagory.

its sad that my mom is only spending $50 on back-to-school clothes, amirite?

Ah, freshies are so entertaining sometimes.

Math tells us of the 3 saddest love stories: Of parallel lines, who were never meant to meet. Of tangent lines, who were together once then parted forever. And of asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but never could be together. amirite?

Aww so sad. I guess the only good one is two lines with the same equation, that means they're together forever :D
Oh and math also has cannibalism, because 7 8 9! Haha so old.

The Hunger Games trilogy was amazing, amirite?

I agree that the first was good, second pretty good, and third was like... what happened? It wasn't bad just... eh.
I absolutely HATE the end to the trilogy. I hate how they just ignored Gale doing whatever over there. (Personally I'm a more of a Gale-person than a Peeta-person, that's probably why I have this feeling.)

Some names only suit babies, and some names only suit old people, amirite?

I know a kid younger than me named that though ahha.

^^ the post above me is wrong, amirite?
@Charles_E_Cheese i got owned by llort

Haha I saw that, but you do notice that llort has spelled intelligent wrong, right?

Why is it that in chocolate commercials, there's always a pretty girl slowly eating chocolate? Guys like chocolate too, amirite?

someone should make one with a guy doing the same thing as a joke :D

You enjoy commenting on how unrealistic some "teen" movies are while watching them, amirite?
@lucich ha, i love that movie, it's definitely extremely accurate. (:

I'd say most of it was pretty accurate, but the whole school cat-fight thing wasn't really that true. Atleast not in my school.

Capitalization is unfair to letters in the middle of sentences, amirite?


its sad that my mom is only spending $50 on back-to-school clothes, amirite?
@ispeakparseltongue I do get that $50 isn't that much money. I was just pissed because it was YOU that was "bitching" about money...

you beat me to it. "wouldn't it make sense for you to appreciate it when you do get it?" (thumbs up for your comment)

^^ the post above me is wrong, amirite?
@razorsoft not anymore

i know i found that ironic... for the time being.

Even though we all regularly wish we were the opposite sex, deep down most all of us are happy we aren't. amirite?
@I don't regularly wish I was a guy...only when I have my period. Other than that, I'm completely happy being a girl.

That'd be epic. Every month you transform into a guy for a week instead of bleed for a week. WOAH.