The owo face has forward-facing eyes, indicating it is a predator. amirite?

Or an omnivore like humans

We probably wouldn't go outside wrapped in a blanket in 70-75 degree weather, yet we do it every night in our homes, amirite?
Everything in the universe is predictable in some way or another. amirite?

You should have predicted your dad leaving then

No matter how many cities and buildings are constructed, the Earth does not get any lighter. amirite?
@Johannheidar90 Huh. The more you know

Usually, when I say that, people get mad at me about the whole weight/mass distinction.

Man, imagine if women's boobs and men's balls exchanged places. You'd be grabbing a woman's balls. There'd be phrases like "boobs of steel". amirite?
The fact that humans speak different languages proves that we are selfish. amirite?

But this is stooopid

Fans are super quiet considering they have spinning blades and a motor. amirite?

I don't think any of us would appreciate if they sounded like lawnmowers...

Most kids believe the Black Market is physically located somewhere, amirite?

I mean, technically it is. The guy I buy pineal glands from has to store them somewhere.

The only way to describe left and right in the natural world is to open up animals and reference the organs. amirite?
@Iamalgend Wut

Thre word you are looking for is sociopath.

There is no death, only infinite life waiting to be born. We are all the seeds of forever. amirite?

This depends on religion tbh

There are probably more characters in the Star Wars canon than people you know in real life. amirite?

Yeah this isn't some groundbreaking revelation.

With everyone wearing masks, life has probably gotten a lot tougher for deaf people. amirite?
Growing up is finding out most drug dealers aren't even that bad, amirite?

On a far higher moral ground than lawyers for the most part.

When we stare into nothingness, we are actually staring into our own souls... amirite?

sadly we cant do it yet

Knowing the difference between stalagmites and stalactites is a lot less important in adulthood than elementary school made it seem, amirite?
@Bigbobseinfeld Along with quite a bit of the rest of what was taught in grade school. I remember my 3rd-grade math teacher telling...

In reality being able to do arithmetic in your head is a useful skill. One that I do use everyday.

Being able to estimate amounts from basic information is also extremely useful.

I watch people around me on a regular basis accept statements that are complete nonsense because they can't do some basic maths and estimations.

I do agree that for most people higher level maths skills is probably a waste of time when they haven't grasped the basics.