Often times you think "Ooh I want to eat that, but I shouldn't. I'll just eat that other healthier thing." You wonder how different your body would look if you just always ate what you wanted the first time, amirite?

I wonder what my body would look like if I ate the healthy thing

Movie titles are so unoriginal these days. For example: We Bought a Zoo and Man on a Ledge, I wonder what those could be about? amirite?

And Man on a Ledge would be a documentary about a single dad raising his twelve children

It'd be pretty tight to really turn your beds into bunk beds to make room for activities. Amirite?

Then you could go do karate in the garage

Teenagers: The bottle of vodka in your liquor cabinet is water. amirite?

My parents aren't fooled that easily

Romeo and Juliette is a terrible story. two 13 year old children decide to run away together cause they THINK they love each other when really its just lust? then they end up killing themselves all cause of bad timing? amirite?

Okay first of all it's spelled Juliet. Second Juliet is 13 and Romeo is 16. Lastly, it's called a tragedy, what do you expect.

You wish you could go back to when life was simpler and not grow up so fast... amirite?
No one uses both shift keys, amirite?

did anyone else look for the other one besides me?

You still refer to actors as their iconic characters, like Napolean Dynamite. amirite?

And Morgan Freeman as "God."

You hate it when people walk down/up escalators instead of standing and waiting for it to carry you. the entire point of escalators is so that you wont have to waste energy walking down a long and tiring staircase! it wont make you look athletic or fit to walk as if the escalator was broken or something. amirite?

Maybe they're just trying to be really efficient.

It's funny to think of the last song you heard and then add "in my ass" after it, amirite?

Jenny was a friend of mine in my ass

You never went on the internet with an adult like the commrcials say, amirite?

*Kids, ask your parents before going online! ...right

Popular kids accept that they are popular, jocks accept that they are a jock, nerds accept that they are a nerd, but why cant sluts accept that they are a slut? Amirite?

Because a true slut can't admit it to herself.

You're interested in seeing what the Mini Pop Kids/ Kidzbop do to Gangnum Style. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" just isn't going to cut it. amirite?

It would probably be, "HEYYYY PRETTY LADDY!"

Celery, peanut butter, and raisins are one of the best, simplest snacks, amirite?