Ash from Pokemon has been the same age for like, 10 years. amirite?

im wondering when hes gonna hit puberty....? cuz really he still has no face hair.....

Its annoying when your parent still doesnt trust you for just one night out with your friends even though youve always gotten good grades, stayed out of trouble, and have done the right thing..... amirite?

my mom wont let me get a hotel room with like 20 of my friends after prom even though im the best behaved out of my 3 siblings...yeah thanx mom

putting glue all over your hands, letting it dry and then peeling it off is awesome, amirite?

yeah then my mom gets mad...:(..... but i do it anyway:)

its annoying when those quizes pop up and say "we will donate 10 grains of rice to a child in need if you take this quiz!" i mean seriously, if you really care just give them the food! amirite?

and seriously its ten grains of rice if you really care and want people to take the quiz more give MORE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

what the hell is up with antartica??we dont learn about it in there a government system?, different countries???,is there a capital???, im a bit curious??? amirite?


we all know the spongebob squarepants theme song.... amirite?

who flops on a deck and flops like a fish???

we all know the spongebob squarepants theme song.... amirite?

whose absorbant and yellow???

What parent names their daughter Justin Bieber? amirite?


Dude should be a unisex term. Saying dudette makes you sound like a douchebaguette. Amirite?

i just laughed out loud in my intro to bussiness class and everyone stared at was worth ot....OMG

Just because i live in new york does not mean i live in new york city and that also does not mean that all of new york is like new york city... amirite?
When the subject of Dr. Phil is bullying, your mom always asks you if you're being bullied, amirite?

or if you are bulllying..thats just all together a awkard conversation..

It sucks when a teacher holds your whole class for a minute after the bell rings, amirite?

its not like i had to get to the other end of the school no you go ahead and teach them a lesson they need it more than i need the grade in my other class...i mean you couldnt possi0bly do it after school...that would be smart....:(

its annoying when your mom tells you to clean your room because people are coming over...why would thy be in my room i can just shut the door...DUH!!! and if they are are in my room the lights will probably be off because ill be in there with them, amirite?

then why did you comment on it if you think its stupid...?????

its annoying when girls will wear tights and a small sweater to school that does not even cover there butt it looks YUCKY!!! amirite?

fine "their"...jeez

Glee is a freaking awesome show, amirite?

LOVE it.......:)