It sucks when a teacher holds your whole class for a minute after the bell rings, amirite?

its not like i had to get to the other end of the school no you go ahead and teach them a lesson they need it more than i need the grade in my other class...i mean you couldnt possi0bly do it after school...that would be smart....:(

Its so much harder to be a woman than a man, amirite?

umm what if we get our period unexpectantly in school or in public,plus the cramps hurt and thenfor guys if you sleep around your not called slut/whore like girls are and we are more pressured than you to be perfect...DUH...

Its so much harder to be a woman than a man, amirite?

please do tell the oh-so-many prolems you boys have...

It's annoying when "et cetera" is abbreviated "ect" instead of "etc", amirite?

what language is that and what does it mean...

When the subject of Dr. Phil is bullying, your mom always asks you if you're being bullied, amirite?

or if you are bulllying..thats just all together a awkard conversation..

Having a relationship is the biggest distraction keeping you from achieving your goals. Most of us would be more successful and richer if we didn't have a significant other. amirite?

yeah i think so too because when we are in a relationship we always want to ask the other what we should or what they think and try to put them first( well i do anyway)

It sucks when weird/creepy people ask for your phone number and you have no other option but to give it to them, amirite?

thats when you give them the number of somone you hate and avoid both of thema t all costs!!!!!!!!

Dude should be a unisex term. Saying dudette makes you sound like a douchebaguette. Amirite?

i just laughed out loud in my intro to bussiness class and everyone stared at was worth ot....OMG

Hi everybody, I want to announce the new amirite shortcut keys. If you want to vote "Yeah You Are" on a post type CTRL+F4. If you want to vote "No Way" type Window Key+L. Go ahead and tyr it now: amirite?


Glee is a freaking awesome show, amirite?

LOVE it.......:)

its annoying when you text and ask someone what they are doing and all they say abck is "nothing", amirite?

they have to be doing something though there is no possible way that are just sitting there looking at there phone i want detailed descriptions people!!!!like:im sitting on my couch breathing watching the way my phone lights up when i get a text ...or something along those lines!!!

putting glue all over your hands, letting it dry and then peeling it off is awesome, amirite?

yeah then my mom gets mad...:(..... but i do it anyway:)

its annoying when girls will wear tights and a small sweater to school that does not even cover there butt it looks YUCKY!!! amirite?

fine "their"...jeez

People say water does not have a flavor but water form tap and water from the bottle definitely have different tastes... amirite?

wow this is quite educational!!!

It seems like normally you can stare out into space without blinking for a long time, but the minute you try to have a staring contest you can only last 15 seconds, amirite?

i last for more like 7.4 seconds... i always lose:(