About me.

welll... my name's mackenzie. kenzie works too.
i'm pretty friendly so if you start a convo i'll most likely respond(:
unless you're a creep/perv/douche.
i absolutely LOVE music, so that's a pretty safe topic to start a conversation about with me.
mayday parade, isles & glaciers, pierce the veil, marianas trench, versaemerge, the used, etf, estk, the word alive, woe is me, a rocket to the moon, mcr, mcfly, barcelona, angels and airwaves, broadway, the postal service, as for me, go radio, death cab for cutie, honor bright, jamestown story, sleeping with sirens, andd landon pigg (: of course that's only a few bands i like, i could fill like 50 pages with great bands.
it is quite annoying when people argue with me just for the sake of arguing.
& if you disagree with something i like/do, don't bother telling me 'cause frankly, i don't care because it's my opinion(:
i read ALL the time, i always have my head in a book.kinda nerdybuyheyitscool:D
i procrastinate. alll the time.
i love batman, tmnt, & harry potter
boys are pretty awesome(:
i play soccer & run track.
giraffes are my favorite animal.
yellow & purple are my favorite colors, but not together, ew.
i have an obsession with converse and keds.
oh & i dont have a picture of myself because i cant upload one from my ipod and im too lazy to do it from my computer..and i dont really need a million random people looking at my picture. x]
AND that is about all, anything else just ask!
PS! if you actually read all of this.. high five for being awesome