Girls: You love that moment when a guy stretches so far that you can see his abs and boxers. amirite?

Unless your fat. Then it's a not so good sight.

Tomboy chicks: When you shop for Halloween costumes, you have to go in the guy's section because the female costumes are just too girly, amirite?

I think slutty is the word you're looking for, if you walk down the women's costume isle.

Girls: If a guy wants you for your breasts, legs, and thighs, send him to KFC. You're a lady, not a cheap value meal. amirite?

Then send him to your local city street corner. You're not a hooker either.

it's awkward when you walk into the bathroom and there's a person in one of the stalls making absolutely no noise, and when you're done in the bathroom they're still there and still silent. It's like... are they dead? amirite?

they're probably taking a shit or something and waiting for you to leave lol

You get irritated when you can't lift only one eyebrow, when apparently EVERYONE in books can, amirite?


It's dumb for a parent to force their kid to go to church when the kid is eighteen and old enough to decide for its self, amirite?

You calling kids and it now. For shame.

The weekends end way too fast, amirite?

Time flies when you're having fun troll smilie

Girls: You wish you were fat so you could have big boobs, amirite?

There are men with fetishes out there.... To all fat women who don't care about how fat you are, I hope you find those men.

An 8 year old should not be concerned with their weight, especially when they are tiny, amirite?

Unless they're 200 pounds. Then they should be very concerned.

Greek gods must've had some seriously tiny penises according to those sculptures and paintings of them, amirite?
My dad got me a new car (BMW) for my 16th birthday. I crashed it last weekend. He's punishing me by only getting me a used Toyota to replace it, and he's going to pick the color! He also says it's my fault because I was drunk when I crashed it. He's being TOTALLY unreasonable and this is borderline child abuse, amirite?

You're making me want to say so many things. First of all, to answer your question, NO. It's not. Try being beaten every night by your crazed mother and drunk father, and also having to get a job to pay for most of your own things. Fucking unappreciative douchebag.

Acne in awkward places should just be called awkne, amirite?

Well then what would the british call it?

Fellow Asians: Your grandma makes you eat the rice that falls out of your bowl, amirite?
Friends don't let friends drink and post, amirite?

Best friends aren't able to stop them from posting 'cuz they're drunk posting with them.

It's embarassing when you accidentally say "You too!" when it doesn't even make sense. amirite?

Random Jogger:Have a great day at school!
Me at bus stop: You too! ... OH WAIT, shit they're gone.