technically, you eat a dinosaur egg when you eat a chicken egg, amirite?

Monkeys eating dinosaur eggs. I don't understand what the problem is.

For most of us, if our Jobs which we spend most hours of a day working on is taken out of existence from this planet, we realize it wouldn't create any sad consequence in the society. Making our work a meaningless effort, amirite?

People here would be devastated if they couldn't get their Japanese food

Bad parents end up teaching more than good parents, amirite?
Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?

I just don't understand the dilemma.

Plants that use faeces of vegans are actually cannibals. amirite?

Cannibalism is the consumption of your own species. Vegans are not plants, they are (sometimes annoying) human beings. How can it be cannibalism?

You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?
@Kionix Born = existing as a result of birth So no, because you can't be born until you are extruded/extracted from your mom

But you exist prior to birth physically because you were the fetus that developed over months so you have existed prior to your own birth, just not legally

All protests start peacefully, but don't always end that way, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound such as...

All the riots that have happened. Or if you want to look at history, the Boston Massacare started because people threw rocks and sticks at soldiers. Or in the late 1800's when a stage was blown up by protesters to fight for labor unions....

C and D batteries are as useless as 9-Volt batteries these days, amirite?

Or still use your boombox from 1996 and lost the power cord

If you masturbate fast enough, your penis won't get older. amirite?
You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?
@Shiny244 "prior to your birth" Read again, but slowly.

You existed before you were born whether you were a sperm, a sperm inside an egg, or a developing fetus you aren't just born one day and your parent/parents are like "where did that come from?!" (Unless your an obese woman who cannot tell) because you existed in some form at some point.

Never gonna give you up must be the only video with the maximum number of unintended views, amirite?

I think John Cena's intro would be a close second

Humans are the only species that wears clothing. amirite?

Have you ever heard of ummm YELLOW JACKETS? I bet you feel dumb now haha loser

I'm just a drop in the sea. amirite?

the sea wouldn't exist if every drop disappeared

You can not change the people in your life, but you can change the people in your life. amirite?

And the things that come to those who wait are usually the things left over by the people who got there first.

When w‌‌e f‌‌inally b‌‌eat t‌‌he p‌‌andemic w‌‌e s‌‌hould e‌‌xpect l‌‌ots o‌‌f p‌‌orn w‌‌here t‌‌he m‌‌ain c‌‌haracter i‌‌s p‌‌unished f‌‌or n‌‌ot w‌‌earing a‌‌ m‌‌ask. amirite?

BDSM is getting a boost . Good . _Very good_