Why are people now liking letters on facebook? It's like so-and-so likes L. What's the point, amirite?
Anonymous posters= NO BALLS. Anonymous comment leavers= STILL NO BALLS. amirite?
Reed, red, read. They're, there their. Dough, tough, cough, through, ought, bough. SCREW IT!! I'm becoming a mime. amirite?
Those movies where you find out in the end that the main character is crazy and the entire movie was a lie (The Uninvited, The Lodger, Shutter Island, The Conjurer) are really annoying, amirite?
Being uncircumcised is better than being circumcised, amirite?
@If its hanging hes, not turned on, then you suck at sucking. Its the same as a circumsized when erect. The skin...

my boy is cut so i wouldnt know about the hanging part. ive never had 2 diff kinds in front of me to compare....

Spongebob shouldn't be able to take a bath... underwater, amirite?

odd how he expands when he gets wet... even though he's in water

"Don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me". Desperate much Backstreet Boys? amirite?
@swankorn So you love what you think is handsome enough for you, because that sounds like lust actually, or just shallowness.

if a guy lies to me and treats me like shit im not dating him. how does caring about "WHO HE IS" make me shallow? you're putting words in my computer mouth. i didnt say anything about a person being handsome enough for me

Anonymous posters= NO BALLS. Anonymous comment leavers= STILL NO BALLS. amirite?
It’s a horrible feeling when you correct someones spelling, then find out that they’re dyslexic, amirite?

i wouldnt feel bad. it would help them.

At every fire drill at school, you wished that the school would burst into flames, amirite?

so much for brightside

Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something. amirite?

seen it on here b4

Yes I'm a vegetarian, no I don't eat chicken or hamburgers or bacon or any other meat so stop asking, amirite?

vegetarians eat eggs. thats meat.

AHA!! "rhythm" the word where "y" is finally used as a vowel, amirite?

its not the only one

Hilary Duff is one of the few major Disney stars that hasn't been involved in a big scandal, amirite?

there were pics of when her guy gave her the engagement ring. she was like yay i love you and then gave him a blowjob. LOOK FOR PICS

They should have the girls with just a little bit of extra tummy and boobs be models, not the women whose ribs you can see that don't have any tatas and definitely not the women whose fat is pushing against their lungs so bad it sounds like they're snoring when they're awake. amirite?

what do the no ways like?