Getting married to have sex is like getting on an airplane to have peanuts, amirite?

I expected all the comments to be really serious, about sex and marriage, but nope, they're about peanuts x)

your mind was blown when you realised the word 'bed' actually looks like a bed, but your head exploded when you realised the word 'letters' actually look like letters. amirite?

...and then this guy came running by dressed up like a giant mustard bottle, and tackled a guy in a hotdog costume, then they took off arm in arm saying they were headed to Narnia. BEST. DAY. EVER!

You cut off some blonde chick on the road one day. A year later: Taylor Swifts new single "Some Idiot Cut Me Off", amirite?
@YourFATHER i love how it's anonymous so one day Taylor Swift can't write a song called "Some douche bag dissed me on teh internets"

"it was some anonymous guy.. and he really made me cry!
it made me think if i see him again he's gonna diieee,
I know his momma aint raise him like that,
i know he just aint like that,
and i know it's nothing to get upset,
but some douche dissed me on teh internets!"