IT seem more and more in our society today, that rationality and rightuousness have been declining fast while at the same time emotionality and individual right have been multiplied. Part of the reason i think is because of Freedom and human right that existe in our political system of Democracy. BUT isnt it becoming a problem that everyone is acting subjectively and emotionaly while claiming right to their own, while also dragging the whole society to accept it as a norm ? IS total freedom really good for us ? Are we responsible and wise enought to take care of our destiny ? amirite?

Well, at this point, much of right movement comes from the peoples, a groupe of people with same interests. And politicians why try to stay in power give up to the request of the people. It’s democracy, peoples have a lot of power. Freedom belong to the people. But where is the limit ? Are we just going to accept everything in the name of freedom ?

it's natural for older men to be attracted to younger women, amirite?

Its hard to say whether its natural or not. Since every human have sexual desire toward another human being. I would rather ask another question, that is what are we to do with out sexual desire ? are we just gonna let it dominate our body and to have sex when ever and with who ever we one ? OR are we gonna take control of our sexual desire and tell it thats not good or right to be attracted to a person of certain age ? and that we should restraint ourselve on certain situation and moment ?

Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones.

well, that's a nice words. But, firstly it is difficult to plan and organize every of our decision so as not to make mistake. Secondly, since we cant see or predict our future, it is unavoidle that life is about leaping to the darkness, the unknown.