It seems as though the rate at which time passes us by increases as we grow older. The hourglass containing the sands of time widens in the center with each year of age, amirite?
@Jonesy Year 1- 100% of your life Year 2- 50% Year 3- 33.33% Etc etc

I read this somewhere, like how when you turn 15, that year is only 1/15th of your life, which makes it seem smaller.

Smitty Werbenman Jenson is number 1, amirite?
@But for some reason, it doesn't say "jager" on his grave.

Debating whether or not these are all the same Anon's...

You want this mug. Because it isn't just any mug. Anything you drink out of this mug would taste like VICTORY, amirite?

Who won it?

Scientists must be under a lot of pressure to find an alternative to oil seeing as it's basically going to not be on earth in 50 years, amirite?

HAHA, PRESSURE!!! Get it? Like oil's made with pressu-- you know what, never mind... wary smilie

A lot of pro-gay posts gets featured and POTD many times, but almost every time an anti-gay post comes, it's deleted immediately. This is unfair because everyone should have a chance to put what they feel, not what the mods feel, amirite?
@No one is going to be hurt by a positive opinion on a subject, whereas many people could be hurt on a hateful...

Even if it isn't negative! If I say I don't like puppies and a mod does, does that mean he can take away my post? Same with anti gay posts!

There has to be a god. If not, what are all the churches for and who is jesus' dad. amirite?
@Kasanova fuck you and your god

Really? Are you like a twelve year old or something? I state my opinion, and that is all you can come up with? And what, are you a Satanist? Do you want to go to Hell? no smilie

There has to be a god. If not, what are all the churches for and who is jesus' dad. amirite?

I am a Christian, but this post is just stupid. There are Satanic churches. Does that mean that we should worship him? No. And capitalize His name!

You didn't realize amirite had 7,677,767,676,777,678,000,000,000,000,000 users, amirite?

What post is this?

You wonder how some people in anime can see where they're going when they always have their eyes closed, amirite?

But, can they still see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

The "Okay" meme guy kind of looks like a balloon, amirite?
With the return of Furbies this year, perhaps the Mayans were right all along, amirite?

One of my friends hated those so we brought one to school and put it in her locker. Scared the shit out of her...

Its really annoying when you kneel down to tie your shoelace but your friends/family keep walking away. amirite?

I always run ahead so they catch up when I'm done.

Cosy coupes are way too uncomfortable to be fun, amirite?

Yeah, when you're 15.

You are not a fan of Miley Cyrus's new haircut, amirite?

Get it? Fan? Because it looks like it was done with a fan? No? Whatever... nvm.