Scientists must be under a lot of pressure to find an alternative to oil seeing as it's basically going to not be on earth in 50 years, amirite?

HAHA, PRESSURE!!! Get it? Like oil's made with pressu-- you know what, never mind... wary smilie

I did this to SO many people. If they answered, I'd keep going and say, "I don't get it." or "That wasn't very funny." IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! hehe smilie

All amiriters who play Minecraft should play on Amiriteland, amirite?

I try to but I never get "a round tuit."

"Oh, look. There's a serial killer on the loose. It's thundering out. The lights are out. I'm alone. I'm gonna go check what made that noise upstairs!" Clearly, the characters, unknowingly, starring in a horror movie have never seen a horror movie. Ever, amirite?

"Heck, while I'm up their, I'll take a shower,too! And leave the door open!" :P

I would trip, fall, get stabbed and die within the first 30 seconds.

But I'm still not working out.

It's amazing that Ted from How I Met Your Mother can remember all of the little details considering how much he drinks, amirite?

And all the sandwiches he ate.

Some women need to realize when too much is too much, amirite?

Who is that? Ke$ha? I do like her hair...

Movie jokes are so overrated, amirite?

ono smilie I'm curious if anyone else got the joke...

He looks like he has Downs Syndrome. Not being mean, though.

If eyes changed color according to how you really felt inside, it would be difficult to hide your emotions. Lime green= envy, grey= distress, red= love, black= angry , and so on, amirite?
What made the 90's great was that it was the last decade where it wasn't just about the money. Of course, all decades had money as an incentive, but it wasn't the only thing important to people and companies like the last decade, amirite?

haha you told me this earlier

The first people to use sarcasm probably had a lot of confused friends, amirite?

Actually, there are many Bible verses that are very sarcastic. Don't want to start a religious debate, but just saying, it's old.

There has to be a god. If not, what are all the churches for and who is jesus' dad. amirite?

I am a Christian, but this post is just stupid. There are Satanic churches. Does that mean that we should worship him? No. And capitalize His name!

It seems that every film is the number one film of the year, amirite?

Well, at least, according to the critics...

@thatgirls I don't approve of homosexuality at all, but I can't just stop eating Oreos, amirite?

Oh my gosh, I didn't think this would happen. All I'm saying is that idgaf if someone wants to support gay pride, it's just that I'm not choosing to support it just because something I like is going to support it.