You understand what's going on in this picture... amirite?

Are you trying to get us to do your homework for you d smilie

It's amazing that Neil Armstrong was buried the same day there was a blue moon, amirite?

It's pretty nice of the moon to turn blue during his funeral

@Who are they...?

Dennis the Menace, geek, jock, gothic dude, and rich kid?

At least once, you received a punishment for a very stupid reason, amirite?

During my younger brother's birthday party a couple years ago, I was just minding my own business playing some game on the computer and all of his friends came over to the computer to watch what I was doing. I got in really big trouble for "stealing his friends"

At least once, you received a punishment for a very stupid reason, amirite?

I got sent out of class because I was doodling and drew a picture of a rainbow with the colours in the wrong order and it made the girl sitting next to me cry.

At least once, you received a punishment for a very stupid reason, amirite?

My mom grounded me for killing my sister. Like, what the fuck? She totally deserved it...

An overused joke in Disney Channel shows is: "I will never EVER do that for you!" "I'll offer you money." "How soon do you want it done?", amirite?

Or "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "says something completely irrelevant"

Dumbo probably wouldn't have been able to fly with ear gauges, amirite?

Those aren't gauges, those are those cool blade-less dyson fans.

You would want to make a show on Disney Channel just so you could make it not suck, amirite?
@Montana Alright, hear me out, I've got one: It's going to be about an out of place highschool girl who has a huge secret...

Ooh, I know! She could be a superstar that disguises herself so that she can still be a normal teenager.


That bit of dialogue at the end of Blame Game by Kanye West gets so damn annoying if you listen to it enough times, amirite?

This is also true if you were to start the sentence at "Kanye West".

You like the red and pink starbursts more than you like the yellow and orange ones, amirite?

I completely thought the trash can was a cupcake..

Mom, you need to stop accepting the excuse that I am full or don't like the food, and realize that your 89 pound daughter needs help, amirite?

But if she believed you then there wouldn't be a bunch of extremely hot girls walking around??? Can't have that now, can we? troll smilie

You write really small when you have a small space to write in while writing notes, but you write massive letters when you have plenty of space, amirite?
Brown and yellow are terrible school colors, amirite?

"We're number one (and two)!"