About me.

Well my name's Nikki. My birthday is June 6. I'm a freshman (Oh my gosh that's so crazy to say)

I have Crohn's Disease. Please don't ask me what it is. I'll probably tell you it feels like death is eating your stomach. If you want to know what it is google it. There's a 99.8% chance that google has a better answer than me. I've had about 10 surgeries just on my stomach. This is a useless fact, but I don't have a colon. The coolest part about it, is that I have 2 scars even though I hate how they make my stomach look. Even though I don't look sick, trust me i'm probably really sick, and to be honest if you ask me if i'm ok i'll probably lie and say i am but really i'm not.

I really kinda hate summer. I'm being for real when I say this. I mean ewww who likes when it's hot out? I don't. The only good part about summer is staying up super late and swimming. Oh and my birthday :3

I honestly have no life and I seriously wonder how i have friends sometimes. I'm creepy to the "mmph" degree. No Joke.

I LOVE music probably more than anything in the world. It's pretty rare to see me not listening to music.
Some of my favorite bands/singers are:
-Luke Bryan
-Brad Paisley
-Owl City
-A Day To Remember
-The Script
-The Fray
-Scotty McCreery
-Rob Thomas
-Boys Like Girls
-We The Kings
-The Rolling Stones
-The Beatles
-Boyce Avenue

When I was little, I used to want to be the avatar. I thought It'd be the coolest thing ever to be a fire, earth, water, and air bender. I used to practice my water bending every time I went swimming. Yeah. I was a cool kid.

I know how to make any situation awkward. I'm an awkward enabler.

I love being around people even if I'm not going to talk to them. Just kidding I'm a loner and I sit watching movies all day, and because I have no friends...

I can tolerate very few people. If i talk to you regularly, then congratulations you've made my list. The reason is I've had multiple friends that have stabbed me in the back so I've just cut people out of my life.

I hate when adults say "you're too young to know this." it's like bitch, just because I'm young physically doesn't mean i'm young mentally because truth be told I'm probably more mature than you. I've had to be mature my entire life because of my disease so don't tell me i'm too young.

My 2nd favorite thing besides music is playing the sims♥ The sims is like my job. I play the sims like it's nobodies business. I usually stay up super late playing it. It's well worth waking up tired the next morning. The sims is like the best thing ever created. I love the person who thought the sims up and made it happen.

I've played softball for the past 6 years. It's my favorite thing to do when i'm not listening to music or playing sims. Only reason I quit is because the coaches were super mean and I really didn't like any of the kids I played with. Nor did they like me. But whatever that's a thing of the past.

I'm super annoying when I'm with my cousin Gwen (piercethebrides)♥ Like you have no idea. We stay up all night making some really creepy noises and talking in really crazy voices. So I suggest if you hate annoying people you better stay away from us♥ I honestly wonder how Gwen and I have friends. That's how creepy we are.

And they'd be like "Oww Oww Stop it!" and I'd be like "ha ha ha ha big dick"
That was for Gwen♥

I love watching movies. I watch movies like my life depends on it. My absolute favorite movies are:
-7 pounds
-Letters to god
-Extremely loud && Incredibly close.
-500 days of summer
-My Girl
-Forrest gump (Seen it over 20 times)
-Shutter Island
-Green lantern
-The Avengers
I LOVE sad movies. Not really sure why but they seem to have the best told stories. I love scary movies too like Saw, Resident evil, the Exorcist, etc...

I probably have the coolest family in the universe. I mean if my family wasn't cool, they wouldn't buy me pickles AND icing for my birthday.

Super heroes are super cool. My favorite super hero is Green Lantern hands down. I was so excited when the movie came out. I was so excited that I counted down the days as soon as I found out they were making a movie. I'm obsessed with Green Lantern.

Charles Trippy is my absolute favorite vlogger. He's what makes the world of youtube so much brighter. I'd marry him :* Too bad he's already married, twice my age, and doesn't know I exist xD

My boyfriend is a cutie. just thought i'd mention that. 5-9-12<3

I love pretty little liars. That show is like my reason for living. Im kind of really obsessed with Ezra. Aria and Ezra's relationship is the only reason I watch the show c:

I won't even lie, I get jealous super easy. Over little things though. Like if i'm hanging out with someone and they make plans in front of me and they don't invite me. It makes me want to hurt someone, or cry.

I'm In the marching band. I kind of wish I wasn't at times though. Mr. C is a cool cat. Especially when he tells me he's spider-man. Now you're jealous of my band teacher. I really wanted to go to disney in the spring :P By the time bands over, I'll probably be the size of the hulk :P

Forget the whole band thing. I was in band then the day I started the rehearsals I started getting really sick and to this day i'm still sick. Thank you crohn's disease for ruining my high school experience.