We've just assumed that Yoda spoke the way he did because of his species, but it's not impossible that he just had a weird speech impediment. amirite?

Prevents my stutter, it does

Even without animals humans are perfectly capable of making cheese, amirite?

But it's only in quarter pounds

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

It is not the same, because attraction and attractiveness lie in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is defined differently from person to person.
Whereas with money, you either have it or you don't.

There are still billions of positions in chess that have never been reached yet. amirite?
@Cheytuflya To be precise, there's about 1e+40 possible positions

Yeah, its pretty crazy that we havent even reached a couple billion!

Wigs are technically hats, amirite?

Or are hats technically wigs?

Hate seeing fat parents with fat kids, amirite?
@It's a form of child abuse.

It really is though. So pathetic!

Your parents never want you to have sex but yet they want grand kids, amirite?
Pets will eat an entire bowl of dry food without taking a single drink of water but we have to take a drink every few bites, amirite?
We all owe 2019 a sincere apology, amirite?
If you scroll far enough to the right in Excel, you can create every word in the English language. amirite?

You'll run out of processing power. I've broken excel a time or two. LOL.

Streetworkout is male version of poledancing, amirite?
The teenage mutant ninja turtles are likely all virgins, amirite?
If you jump off a building you technically get a discount on life. The harder the fall, the greater the discount. amirite?
@Proxymoto You see, if you jump off a 5 story building, your life discount goes to 60% (probably, because your legs will be...

maybe the word "discount" is confusing me. Is there another word you could use to mean the same thing?

Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?

You are goddamn right

Trash is unacceptable on the ground near you, but throwing it out to be taken and dumped into huge piles somewhere else is perfectly okay. amirite?

No, also illegal,in most of Europe anyway