gamers always complain when a game has a bad matching environment but are never think about how bad it must have been when it first realized when in ranked battles everyone from noob to pro where in the same lobbys, amirite?

Had 3 strokes reading this. 10/10

The Ewoks probably ate all the Storm Troopers they killed. amirite?
Eating chicken nuggets counts as breastfeeding, amirite?
People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

'Twas a chevy pickup driver that one day got pissed that I passed him and then caught up to me and rolled coal directly into my open window. Coughed for three days after that...

All math problems are mind games based on the same exact rules, amirite?

The first measurement must be the penis measurement

Just to think....there will be people that will actually get to experience.... amirite?
@Tldfonat It's the end of the world as we know it

Hehe I guess it depends on how you know the world

Using your professional voice is the audio version of sitting up straight (instead of slouching and being comfortable) amirite?

Sitting up straight can be comfortable if you have strengthened your back muscles. It's healthier for the back than slouching as it doesn't put pressure on your spine discs.

Until the last century, most of the world based their economy on shiny yellow rocks. amirite?
@Ajdee6 The economy is still based on shiny yellow rocks, paper money just represents quantities of it.

Yes and no. We've put an exact value on those shiny rocks and created pieces of paper that represent that value. But that paper represents a lot more than just the shiny rocks. It represents all the value of everything a country has.

Some of the most vocal opponents of media misinformation are it's worst victims. amirite?
@Ajdee6 This should be more clear

Those most against medias misinformation are...

we rank an animals worth on its size, amirite?

People kill deer for fun