We tend to notice a person most when they aren't there. amirite?

Or when they are standing in front of the TV.

There was probably a dentist on the Death Star when it blew up. Poor dentist. amirite?

Dentist on the Death Star treating a patient: "The novocaine should have taken effect now. This won't hurt a bit."

Dentist leans in with his drill as his patient anxiously waits for the drill's contact with the tooth.

Death Star explodes

If chimpanzees are 99% related to humans, then eating a chimp is 99% cannibalism. amirite?
We Are The Highest Intelligent Species In The Cosmos, amirite?

Maybe the rest of us. Jury's still out on you...

If you burn money, you make yourself poorer, but you make everyone else a tiny bit richer, amirite?
@cjcusack When money is takin out of circulation, it makes the remaining money more valuble. Granted, the difference it makes...

No. Money has a set value that does not change in relation to how many other pieces of currency exist.

Inflation/deflation affects the price of goods not the value of the money used to purchase them.

Until the last century, most of the world based their economy on shiny yellow rocks. amirite?
@The-memeboi Yes and no. We've put an exact value on those shiny rocks and created pieces of paper that represent that value...

The way I see it:

the first generation of paper notes represented the agreed upon value of the rocks owned by whoever printed the notes, the second generation of paper notes represented the agreed upon value of hypothetical rocks that only theoretically exist on paper, and the current generation of paper notes represents the quantity of rocks that are equal to the hypothetical value of everything a country (that probably didn't even print the notes) theoretically owns and produces.

I could be wrong, but I think that's pretty close.

Since the butterfly effect is true, it also applies to someone farting. Your fart could be the cause of a major sandstorm in Egypt. amirite?

The Butterfly Effect has nothing to do with butterflies, wind, or any specific situations.

At some point in the past, sex became recreational instead of strictly procreational. amirite?
We drink 268.2 litters of saliva every year, but drinking a cup of it doesn't seem to appetizing. amirite?
When a celebrity signs a check there's a chance it becomes more valuable than the amount on the front. amirite?

Only if you cash it after the celebrities death

You don't have the same fingernails as you did at birth, amirite?

Or taste buds, or hair, or skin for that matter

You've probably never formally introduced yourself to your siblings, amirite?

my mom introduced me to my sister when I was born, we met for the first time at the hospital

Anything can be cheese, depending on what you consider cheese. amirite?
We live in an age where people go out of their way to be offended by something, amirite?

Only 2 of the previous 3 responses are ironic...

If "bird" is slang for a girl, and we talk about the "birds and the bees" to kids, then "bee" must be slang for a boy, amirite?

Damn, we still have that in 2020?