About me.

Before we go any further, I'm a dude, and like most people on this site, I'm a white teenager. It's fun being a minority on this site. Anyway, moving on to the original script.

I'm The_Enlightened. I call myself this because I'm very open minded. I ignore what I'm taught and make my own opinion out of things. I won't shove my beliefs down your throat, and you can believe what you want, but I will say that maybe you should lighten up and think for yourself every now and then.

I attend a Presbyterian church, but I'm an independent Christian. Not non-affiliated, because that would imply I'm confused and/or just too lazy to pick a denomination. Religion is something an individual needs to experience for him or her self, you don't need a church telling you how to do it. I like the Presbyterian Church because it focuses on the core values of Christianity without trying to micromanage your life and beliefs. It also teaches the Old Testament, which is cool. I believe in science and religion. It's dumb to say that a verse in the Bible contradicts what science teaches. They only disagree if you interpret the Bible too literally. I absolutely do not believe in Creationism, because the Bible never says anything about it. God made everything in six days then rested on the seventh. Well how long was a day? A blink of God's eye is 1000 years to a human, right? And to be fair, how do we know some stories in the Bible aren't just that; stories? What if we weren't supposed to take the creation story literally? Or Noah's ark? Or any other strange Old Testament stories? I'll end this by saying there isn't a single scientific thing I won't believe because people think the Bible tells you that you shouldn't. Because it never does.

I'm straight, and while I do think homosexuality itself a strange concept, I have no problem with homosexuals, and I support gay rights/marriage. Gay isn't a choice. Gay pride is, and if you're proud to be gay, all the more power to you! It's awesome that you can look society square in the eye and say "Fuck you, I know who I am!" And God doesn't "hate fags," read the Bible. It was the ancient people that had a problem with gays, God loves everyone. The reason they had a problem with gays is because 1) God made Adam and Eve straight, and 2) God told them to reproduce, which gays can't. To be fair, God made Adam and Eve naked, and he yelled at them for putting clothes on, but we still do that. And what if a straight couple chooses not to reproduce? Should we stone them, too? Also, gays don't go to hell. Every sin is equal, so if you believe homosexuality is a sin (which I don't) and send a gay man to hell, you might as well send someone who's a little white liar there, too. And by now, you probably think I'm some hardcore Christian who goes around commenting on every religious post trying to convert people, but I'm really not. It's just coincidental that the first two topics have religion as part of the logic.

I would never support my woman getting an abortion, but I fully support first trimester abortions for people who do believe in abortions. (But not second/third term ones). If you have ever seen a picture of a six week old fetus, you'd doubt that it was life yet, too. You're not taking a life, you're preventing one. Essentially, first trimester abortions are no worse than condoms, plan B pills, or any other type of birth control. Second and third trimester abortions, however, are disgusting and should not be legal. Don't get pro-choice confused with pro-abortion. If you're opposed to first trimester abortions, why? Is it because the parents were having sex in a way they shouldn't have been? Is it because they were having sex when they knew they didn't want/couldn't support a baby? So basically, you're just angry at them for having sex and you're too uptight and unforgiving to forgive them. Think about this. Would you rather see an abortion, or a baby that's in a home that cannot support it? What if it even goes to an adoption center? Would that make you happy? What if you looked at a baby's genetics and found a genetic disease that would make the baby live every day of its life in misery? What if it had to live every day of its life suffering, knowing that it will never get better, and that they'll never experience a normal life? Could you condemn someone to that, knowing that it could have all been prevented with an abortion? You're forgetting that abortion can be an act of mercy. And do you remember anything from before you were four? Probably not. What about in the womb? No. With any abortion, you're not causing pain to any living thing, and with first trimester abortions, you're not even terminating a life, you're just preventing one from happening. That being said, I'd just like to remind you that I'm opposed to second and third trimester abortions, because unlike first trimester ones, they are just killing babies. But the more I think about it, a baby becomes life sometime during the second trimester, and since my philosophy is "don't stop the bad if it also stops the good," second trimester abortions should also be legal, because it's impossible to prove if the fetus is life yet or not. I don't agree with second trimester abortions, but I don't feel I have the right to tell you that you don't.

I'm mostly liberal, not just because I agree with most of their ideas, but because I absolutely hate Conservatives. They ignore Liberal arguments such as facts, logic, and reason, and substitute it with their own lies and blatant bull shit that they've been brainwashed into believing. They're like little turtles who hide in their shells and want to just wait for God to fix their problems. They're mostly rich old men, anyway, so why should they care? That, and they're afraid of change. Every single little thing to them is a direct attack to their Constitutional rights. I really only agree with their views on illegal immigration, where we kick illegal immigrants out and make them come back the right way. I'm not racist, but if you can't speak English, you can go back to Mexico. I don't even really care if you're legal or not if you can speak English. But don't get me wrong, all politicians are still bad, and going too far to any side is the surest way to corrupt things. The only way politics could become less corrupt is if there was a third major political party.

If you watch Fox News, turn off your damn TV, go outside to the real world, and realize that what you've been told has been blown horribly out of proportion and probably isn't even worth your time.

I really like Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Classic Rock, Classic Metal, and Rave. lml. Every other genre is still good, except for Death Metal, TwangHead Country, and Gangsta Rap/Hip Hop. (Old School Rap and Melodic Hip Hop are fine.) I listen to a lot of Metal, but it's not mainstream Crap Metal, like Slipknot. (They are, after all, just a band that needs nine people to make what four monkeys with kitchen utensils could do.) The bands I like actually write music and add Metal style. Try listening to Nightwish or Hammerfall. If you think Metal can't be music, I challenge you to listen to this entire song and repeat your opinion. (Watch in 480p). Metallica and Disturbed are good bands, because they aren't mindless Metalheads, and they do actually use music theory behind their stuff. And Iron Maiden is mis-stereotyped, and they are not actually closely related to Metallica and Disturbed. Iron Maiden is mostly Progressive Rock, with some Metal. Shania Twain is the only good Country artist, but others still have some good songs. Last but not least, good Country is a lot better than bad Metal.

Quit arguing about religion. No one has died and lived to tell the tale yet, so there's no way anyone can be 100% sure of what happens. That's why we pick our FAITH.

American Muslims aren't terrorists. It's the radicals in the Middle East that are terrorists. Islam is basically Christianity, minus Jesus was the son of God. Islam even teaches tolerance to other religions, and Muhammad himself wrote a letter saying in a nutshell, "Christians are our friends, do not harm them or their churches." Terrorists shouldn't even call themselves Muslims. And the Ground Zero "Mosque?" Such a non-issue, it's not even funny. American Muslims are building it to show America that they aren't terrorist radicals. It's not even a mosque, it's a community center, like the YMCA, but with Islam. I'm not one to shove my opinions down peoples' throats, but if you're opposed to this, stop watching Fox News and learn the facts.

I base my opinions off of facts, I don't let people tell me how to think. For example, do I want to believe all abortion is wrong? Yes. Do I want to believe that first trimester abortion kills babies? Yes. But neither one of these are true. I've seen pictures of a first trimester fetus before; It's just a lump of cells, it's not life yet. If you took it out and put it on a table, it would do absolutely nothing. Second and third trimester fetuses, however, might actually show a little stimulus, and horrifyingly enough, there have been reports of third trimester fetuses moving around before the abortion doctor terminated it. If you'd like to remind me that I should respect all fetuses as life, then I'd like to remind you that I don't let society do the thinking for me.

And if you're actually still reading this, I'm a mid-teenage guy. 6'0", 160 lbs. I swim for my high school/summer league. I'm goofy, witty, and have a good sense of humor. I never worry about anything, ever. It doesn't make anything better. I'm shy towards most people, but if I start talking with anyone, I'm just as goofy to them as I would be with my friends. I'm in the highest level classes I can be, and I make straight A's. Except in English, I make B's sometimes. I'm not a badass, but I'm no goodie two shoes, either. Kinda somewhere in between. If you go too far on the badass side, you're just a huge tool. If you go too far to the goodie two shoes side, you're just a huge tool in a way that's socially acceptable. I never blindly play Follow the Leader to what my parents' teach me, and what everyone's parents teach them. For example, swearing? Not a problem. The only reason people find it offensive is because parents keep telling their kids to find it offensive. The only word that has any right to be offensive is "nigger," but even that's losing its touch. And gays rights. My dad is opposed to gays and gay rights. So are a lot of people. I don't care. It's no skin off my back if gays wanna get married. Your parents always taught you to be a leader, not a follower, so lead the way you want to, and never look back to see if anyone follows you. And to finish this off, I like having fun with everything I do and making the most out of life. Remember the best and forget the rest.

Oh, and I'm a Penn State fan. Go Lions.

Now it feels like I just typed an essay, so I'll stop here. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.