If you think about, it's worse to say omg, than f**k. The first one, you're tolf not to say it right in the ten commandments. No where in the Bible does it say "Though shalt not say the 'F', word". amirite?

Too bad not everyone is religious.

You won't wear purple on October 20th because purple is for fags, amirite?
Ÿōûr hęåd wøúłd êxpłõdė ïf ÿôū trîëd tö prøñõùńčė thįš çôrrèćtłëÿ, amirite?
sex before marriage is WRONG, no matter what society pressures us to believe, amirite?
Why is fish not considered meat? You're still eating the muscles of an animal. amirite?
It actually kind of pisses you off how the ending in the last Harry Potter was way different than the book's, amirite?
When you say the word "the" before a word starting with a consonant it sounds like "thuh" but with a word starting with a vowel it sounds like "thee"; amirite?

I don't know. I'll have to catch myself on that one.

If America declared war on Britain, we all know that America would win. amirite?
@amiwriter have you heard of MAD... without nukes the Brits have the best Navy on the planet and the SAS. Not to mention that...

d smilie
I assume that most countries would say what you just said about it's own military power, but where are you getting this information from?

I think halo is a pretty cool guy, he fights aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. amirite?
@Highninja Actually you're the idiot. 1. This was a troll post. 2. The whole point of it is to get little 10 year olds like...

Hard to tell it's a troll post... It would be much more obvious if you were trying to troll. By the way I'm not 10, I'm 8 and a half and I can't wait until the new G.I. Joe toy comes out.

You feel bad for horror movies that isn't scary. Amirite?
If I could write you a post to make you fall in love, I would already have it up on the homepage. I used up all of my wits, I hope that you read this. But you probably won't, you think you're cooler than me, amirite?
You feel bad for horror movies that isn't scary. Amirite?
No matter how right you are, according to your parents, they are correct no matter what. amirite?

Your parents are right, unless they think that the square root of four is seven.

Grammar is stupid, amirite?