About me.

My iPod on Shuffle?
Nicest Kids in Town. Marias Bed. Battlefield. Dont Stand so Close to me. Over the Rainbow. Last Song. Cedric Had it Coming. Bed Intruder Song. Testify to Love. Fever. NYC. Counting on God. The Mistress. Toxic. I Will Always Love You. Rock What you Got. Rock and Roll. Walk Away. Double Rainbow Song. Life Support. Brand New You. Hallelujah. A Slytherin Point of View. Take a Bow. Beth. You Belong With Me. Our Song. Say. Heels Over Head. I've Just Seen a Face. Stay Beautiful. The Show Must Go On. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I'm Yours. Dancing Shoes. Your Love Never Fails. Better Is One Day. No One Mourns The Wicked. Ghostbusters. If That's What It Is. Underdog. Honestly. She's Got You High. Sally's Song. Stairway To Heaven. The Cave. You and Your Heart. Elephant Love Medley. I and Love and You. Touches You. This Too Shall Pass. Invincible. Sweet Caroline. Hide and Seek. A-Punk. Hot Patootie Bless My Soul. Eyes on Fire.

God leads me through this crazy world, one step at a time, he never leaves me