in a world where people are rewarded and praised for intelligence, it's interesting that it's considered a fun activity to drink a beverage that is meant to impair our intelligence, amirite?

If intelligence is rewarded why are the Kardashians so rich?

amirite? do, to what knew you backwards word the saw you Once

I read "Amirite? do, to" and then realised.

Blaze your own trails, even if your not a leader, lead your own life. Don't lose sight of what is important, don't let a hardship define you. You are a canvas, paint yourself how you want to be seen, even if your perspective portrays something different to someone else... Let go of the penciled sketch beneath the colors, some things are permanent, while others fade. Do not regret what guided the brush, the 'mistakes'- they can be lessons if you let them... Inspire and be inspired.

"let's see how many fluffy inspirational sayings I can cram into one post."

Aperture Science. We do what we must, because we can, better than Black Mesa amirite?

This first test involves something the lab-boys call repulsion gel. You're not part of the control group by the way - you get the gel. Last poor son of a gun got blue paint, ha ha ha! All joking aside, that did happen. Broke every bone in his legs - tragic. But informative! Or so I'm told.

You're excited for 4 more years of incompetence and idiocy, amirite?

You can either say that you are excited for four more years of incompetence or that you are not excited for four more years of incompetence.
There's no way to vote if you don't think it's incompetence.

The image of a man smiling broadly while being carried away from protest by LAPD makes you smile too. Amirite?

If I had a group of people to carry me everywhere I wanted to go I'd be pretty happy too.

Because the ability of humans to accurately communicate ideas is so limited we can never really know the truth about anything. And even if we did discover the absolute truth about something, we could never clearly share that truth with anyone else. But we try anyway. Amirite?

I think our ability to know the truth about anything is more limited by the fact that it's so hard to prove that anything is the absolute truth.

It's cool that there's no tax in Delaware, amirite?

...There are taxes in Delaware...
There is no taxation for “offshore” limited liability companies but there are taxes.

Being nervous before a test is a good sign because at least you care about what grade you make, amirite?

You can be confident during a test and it doesn't automatically mean that you don't care about your grade.

It is mildly annoying when you have to delete your post because you forgot to change the voting options to fit your phrasing, amirite?

You can let a mod know and we can change it from "Agree/Disagree" to "Yeah You Are/No Way" or vice versa.

I found 3 gun posts on one page here. Unless the opinion is something different than the usual "criminals don't follow laws so we should be allowed to have guns" kind of thing almost all the recent gun postings have been about, people seriously need to quit posting them. It's getting old hearing the same opinion over and over, amirite?

I agree, there are plenty of subjects that get lots of focus: gun control, pot legislation, politics. I'm fine with all of them as long as they bring a new opinion to the table or a different perspective on the subject.

You really don't want to buy textbooks because not only do they cost a pretty penny, you only use them for that semester/class and never crack them open again most of the time, amirite?

My textbooks cost 750$ last semester =/

Without stupid people, no one would be smart.
@fuzala if there's smarter and dumber but not dumb wouldn't that mean there's no smart either? in that situation, the...

Let me put it this way: people in developping third world countries are slowely improving their school systems and are therefore slowely raising the average of intelligence in their countries.

Now let's imagine that these countries and all the other countries in the world improve their education systems so much that every student from every school in the world graduates with A+.

There are obviously no more dumb people, does this mean that there are no more smart people either?
Everyone got A+? Shouldn't they all be considered intelligent?

Of course they should, because an individual's intelligence is not compared to the average of the world as a whole. Everyone is now "average" in the sense that the average of the world is A+ but they are all intelligent in the sense that they all got A+.

Without stupid people, no one would be smart.
Without stupid people, no one would be smart.

Intelligence isn't a comparable thing. If everyone had super high IQs then they'd all be smart. They would all also be average, but intelligence wise they'd all have high intellects.