It's sad that there are more clothing stores than highschools in the u.s, amirite?

Is it also sad that there are more rocks than schools? I guess we care about rocks more than education.

The man who devised a way for the blind to read was brailliant, amirite?

I don't see what you did there.

Do you have a favorite quote(s)? If so, feel free to comment it.

"If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best." -Adolf Hitler

Life is worth living, amirite?
You wonder if people recognize your username on this site. amirite?
Fuck Boy Scouts. Instead there should be MAN SCOUTS! Activities include tying knots WITH A PYTHON, pitching a tent MADE OF LATEX AND CYANIDE, and earning merit badges and pinning them to YOUR BARE NAKED, HAIRY TORSO. Girl scouts have cookies? That's cool. We've got SMOKED KRAKEN ON A STICK! Amirite?
Marijuana should be legal EVERYWHERE. It's been proven to help cancer patients by stimulating their appetite and suppressing nausea, and as a recreational drug, it's less intoxicating than alcohol. Agree or disagree?

Why can't you guys just say that you want to get high? I'm sure you couldn't care less about the medical benefits to others you're just using them as a poster child for your cause.

Someone should invent a bra that plays music so girls can't complain that guys always stare at their boobs and never listen to them, amirite?
Cities are beautiful at night
The ultimate compliment is telling someone you would go gay for them, amirite?

Depends what your complimenting.
"How do you like my painting?"
"I would go gay for you."

Boners are the highest form of compliment, amirite?

"Dad.. why do you have a boner?"
"I just really liked the diorama you made for school."

If you think back to every person you have dated or crushed really hard on, you see some kind of similarity in personality between all of them, or at least most.. Congratulations, you just realized you have a "type". amirite?

Oh my god... They're all women!

You would not eat a chicken burger if you thought about what you are eating

You're right... the thought of eating that bun disgusts me.

It's annoying when people use virginity as an insult amirite?

You're such a freaking virginity! I bet your mom virginitied when she had you.

If you think passing laws banning all guns is the answer... Criminals don't pay attention to laws, Dumbass

With this logic we should get rid of all laws because criminals don't pay attention to laws...