Blood splatters on walls, so in that case blood splatters inside your veins too, amirite?

Only if your blood vessels are three quarters empty.

Let this thought roll around in your head for a moment: Donald Trump Jr as POTUS number 46, amirite?

If people thought America was screwed with Dump as President, it can only get worse with Dump Jr. The apple never falls far from the tree after all.

A lot of men think sharing their problems is a weakness, well in fact not using all your resources to fix your problems is the weakness. amirite?

Such a shame that my problems are, as of this moment, unfixable.

Once we colonise Mars They have to build a Gold Statue of Elon Musk, amirite?

I'd imagine that he'd make it out of a metal with a lot more class

You probably won't know 95% of people living in your neighborhood. amirite?

Nor do I want to.

Some things are worse than death.

Nice thought, but I doubt it'll happen

You sleep with some sort of noise in the background at night, amirite?

My cat, snoring her head off

the majority always correct?
the majority always correct?

No. Good God no...

What was the last thing you tried out before buying?
I think it's time for a single president to relate to the people they represent. If you have been married for 50 years you have no clue how hard it is to be single. Every financial evaluation is based on household not individual. this seems unfair, amirite?

Is it that hard to be single?

A sense of whistful nostalgia