Color is just a pigment of the imagination. amirite?
@B10ckH34d And yet you made this post?

The post is a pun. You know, a joke? Good lord, take a moment, chill and see the funnier side of life.

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You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you, like, cool! amirite?

Hey guys :) Glad you like my outro!

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Three for the Elves, seven for the Dwarf Lords, Nine for the Men, One Ring for the Dark Lord... And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye! amirite?

This should've been POTD a while ago.

If they ever come out with a new soda, it should be called F5. Because it's so refreshing. amirite?
@Brett No, Macfags won't be allowed to enjoy this delicious drink.

Oh I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my Mac running Mac OS, Windows 7, and Linux at the same time...

You give genders to the letters of the alphabet. amirite?
@amiright_or_amiright Good point.

And Q can be the clingy bitch girlfriend who won't leave U alone.

If you think that vampires are beautiful creatures, you've obviously never watched an episode of Buffy. amirite?
Freddie Mercury didn't die of AIDS. Pure epic power simply devoured his body. amirite?
@pretty sure he died of aids...

There's this thing, called a "joke." Learn how to take one.

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People complain about the rich "making too much money." What gives them the right to decide how much is "too much"? amirite?

Either way, those who work hard deserve to earn what they do. If wealth was evenly distributed, no one would ever have to do anything. If that were the case, the people who work their asses off would make the same amount as someone who sits around all day and does nothing. How is that fair?
If you're displeased with your level of income, there ARE opportunities to increase it to what you prefer. There are so many opportunities to better your education, and in turn, to get a better, more well-paying job. It all comes down to who's willing to work for it.
Fairtax FTW.

There is no such thing as "reverse racism." Racism is racism, no matter who it favors or rejects. amirite?


Racism is discrimination based on race. It doesn't matter the race of the person discriminating or being discriminated against - although it does happen more against minority races, it is quite possible for a white person to be treated inferior or unfavourably just because of their skin colour or ethnicity - even in a mostly white country.
And, someone can be racist against their own race, interestingly enough.

It's the same thing for sexism - while sexism is usually a man treating a woman inferior just for being a woman, a woman treating a man inferior (or either sex against their own sex) is still sexist - not "reverse sexism".

An American wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt is like a Jewish person wearing a Hitler t-shirt. amirite?

I just started college, and I want to buy a Che Guevara shirt that says below it "I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS GUY IS".

Like every other college student y smilie

It's messed up that Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize against a woman who risked her life to smuggle more than 2500 Jewish children out of the ghetto during WWII, when all he did was make a slideshow about global warming, amirite?

He deserves nothing over that woman :U

I don't believe in the media's 'global warming' with factories and cars and all (but I believe in natural fluctuations in the earths temperature that change slowly and we cannot control them. Ice Age ftw), but even if I did, it's not like Florida is going to be underwater next week. But saving 2500 children you don't even know and risking your life in the process?

That is what REALLY matters.

(And its not like 2 or 3 billion of people are going to spend there time watching that slideshow, right?)

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Banning books is wrong. amirite?

I think books should not be banned, but should be limited based on the maturity of the students... I mean, no, 8th grade students should not be reading about rape, incest, etc. However, a junior who is nearly an adult is most likely mature enough to read it. And if not, it's a personal problem. And also, some less socially acceptable parts of literature are a part of our culture that students need to be exposed to, not to make them feel uncomfortable, but to give them an adequate taste of culture, past and present. (Huck Finn and the n-word issue is prime example.)
With the person who made the comments about the "How to Build a Bomb" book, if schools did a better job of protecting the safety of their students, kids wouldn't be reading a book like that with evil intentions.

Sarah Palin being elected President is the equivalent of America putting a gun to its head and blowing its brains out, amirite?

Lol, you spelled Barak Obama wrong,

Footlongs taste better when they cost 5 dollars, amirite?

That's what she said.

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Soda machines should be in all public schools. amirite?
@DestroyMySweater And increase acne in teenagers?

if they want it at school and they don't get it they're going to drink it at home. So why not?