this is exactly why children shouldn't undergo sex change operations at such a young age. Some parents are even forcing their toddlers to be transgender.

People are pooping in the streets? I wouldn't expect something like that to happen in..... wait, San Francisco? ah never mind.

Yes, especially now. For example, if you're not one kind of extremist, then you're accused of being another kind of extremist.

Why do Trump supporters continue to support him, even when they should know better?

It's not just a Trump supporter thing; most people on both sides blindly follow their leaders without thinking for themselves. Trudeau supporters are just as insufferable, and will break down whenever anyone criticizes him.

Men who like skinny women...this is tantamount to how homosexual they might be...

Some guys like thin women, some guys like curvy women, etc.... a guy who's attracted to thin women by definition is not gay.
I'm gay and I can tell you I've never been attracted to thin women, or any women for that matter.

I've seen so many people flat out threaten to shoot the president that I'm surprised every jail in the USA isn't filled beyond capacity. In Canada, a few people made threats against the prime minister within this year, and they all got charged for it.

Normally, threatening the US president is something that is taken VERY seriously... why isn't the government taking it seriously now?

Whether you agree or disagree with Trump or Trudeau, threatening them, especially in public is one of the stupidest things you could say on the internet.

You drink the good water...but your plants - and pets... get stuck with tap. Amirite?

Bottled water is the world's greatest scam, especially in a country such as Canada where the tap water is perfectly safe and drinkable. In fact, tap water is nothing more than bottled water from another part of the country. Look on the label, it tells you the source. Most of it comes from various cities and towns in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, there's one brand (I forget which) that makes a lame attempt at hiding the fact that it's nothing more than Calgary tap water (the source is labelled as "Municipal District of Foothills No. 31")

What's the worst food to reheat in the microwave?

Bread. It's fine when you JUST take it out of the microwave, but then it turns rock hard after a few minutes.

I second french fries. When I have leftovers, I always toss them because they're nasty microwaved.

What haven't you ridden since you were a kid?

My dad.

Wait, that doesn't sound right..

Threatening to KILL people to stop violence?
These people don't know the definition of irony, do they?

Starbucks isn't even good, the coffee is nasty. Clever advertising is what makes people think it's good.

Google is unwilling to support the crack-down on child porn etc. Something about free speech.

For a company that censors and fires its own employees for having opinions that don't confine to SJW groupthink, they really seem to want to protect this particular form of "free speech".

Name something that keeps getting a new lease on life, despite mass attempts to phase it out.

Records. They were extremely obsolete when I was growing up, but now they're more popular than CDs.

I wonder about that on sites where you're not allowed to have more than one account. On any site, how often do people get wrongfully banned because another member of your household makes an account with the same IP address? Also, what if one user gets banned, and the other gets banned too because of the IP?

For a while, I couldn't even browse a certain website because I was IP banned, even though I never had an account there.

I smoke, and a lot of my friends and family do too.
Some people though, if they find out you smoke, be prepared for a lot of lecturing and judgmental BS. They're usually the "goody-goody" types who don't drink and think "dang" is the worst swear word in existence.