If you saw someone broken down on the side of the road, would you stop to help?

I have and I did. I helped a couple of girls change a flat tire.

It's very interesting how so many people who claim to be "progressive" and "tolerant" are outraged, offended, and terrified at the mere thought of someone having an opinion they disagree with.

You have all done this?Amirite?see question image.

I'd rather use the stove directions, that way it turns out properly. y smilie

How would a Jewish person react if he or she meets an Indian with the name 'Aryan' or someone with a Hindu swastika?

A Jewish person would probably already know that Hindu swastikas and the Indian name "Aryan" have no connection to nazis.

An upper middle class Feminist Studies major though.... they would have a complete breakdown, it would be hilarious.

Not being able to understand someone's accent more than likely indicates that you are of lower intelligence than the person speaking. After all, they can speak more than one language and you can't even understand the only one you've ever bothered to learned.

I don't believe people are stupid for having a difficult time understanding an accent they're unfamiliar with, especially if the accent is very thick.

White privilege is a false and racist term?

When I was growing up, we didn't have much money and often worried about how we would pay the rent. I wish I had even some of the "privilege" I'm accused of having.
I don't feel guilty for existing, and no one else should, no matter who or what they are.

What’s on your bedside table?

A lamp and a clock/radio. It's a big clock so I can't fit much else on there.

A tree that falls in the forest or the sound of one hand clapping. Still good questions but they are so 70s. Amirite?

A tree falling still sends out sound waves, period.

What is something you would rather not do solo?

I agree. Unless I'm stopping somewhere for a quick bite to eat on a long trip, I don't like eating in a restaurant alone. I'd rather just order the food and take it home.

Sometimes you need to meet force with equal force; sometimes you need to step graciously back...and let the drama unfold. Regarding the Art of Online Chatting.

Keep the discussion civil, and if the other person goes off the rails, then let them make a fool of themselves. Don't stoop to their level.

Have you noticed missing wings when buying cooked chickens at grocery?

I never really thought about it. Come to think of it, there often aren't any wings on pre-cooked chicken. They probably take them off and sell them separately.
I've noticed increasing amounts of wings in my KFC buckets though, and a lot of restaurants serving wings; they used to be considered almost useless because they're mostly bone with very little meat, but someone decided that they're trendy, so now people have no problem with paying excessive prices for less than one bite of meat.
T-bone steaks are a ripoff too; most of the weight is in the bone, so they're overpriced for the amount of meat you get.

When you go to a restaurant, and you're annoyed with the state of the food, are you rude to the waiter?

No. Why shoot the messengers? Besides, the servers often don't have a say in the quality of the food, even if they'd like to improve some of the dishes because they know what customers like and don't like.
They're not the ones making it (or screwing it up), they're just the ones that bring it to you, yet they take all the complaints from displeased customers.

Do you know any HypoChristians?

I find that the more religious someone is, the more judgmental they are, even though they're not supposed to be judgmental.

Yes exactly. When you don't have much, you have to get creative with what little you've got. Meat loaf is an example; it was invented during the depression to stretch ground beef, and now it's a staple food in most people's households, and everyone's got their own unique variation of it.

You know what's weird? I was civil all day and Trump still has babies in jail. He was uncivil through most of 2016 and won the election. Maybe he's right, maybe being an uncouth saber rattling meanie is the way to go.

It is weird that you were civil for a whole day!