Bunk/Trundle Bed: Have you ever slept in one?

I'm an only child but I had a bunk bed when I was a kid, for friends or family who slept over.

I liked sleeping on the top bunk, and I also like those beds where the bottom part is a desk. Looking back, I probably could have used that since my bedroom wasn't very big.

Bathrooms and Kitchens sell houses. Amirite?

For some people, the appearance of a kitchen makes all the difference. On an episode of House Hunters or some other such show, there was a family who hated their "dated" kitchen so much, they wouldn't even use it. They had a "kitchen" set up in the dining room, they had a microwave set up, a tub of water to do dishes in.... all because they couldn't stand to look at their perfectly functional, 1970s kitchen. Some people are insane.

Personally, I don't care if the bathroom has pink fixtures, or the kitchen has green appliances; as long as they're fully functional, have no water leaks or anything, then I'm happy. I prefer functionality over appearance.

Guys in the 00s were so much better looking than today's guys

I agree about the beards. It is not sexy to have a long, 1890s style beard on a young guy who could have been otherwise attractive. Even worse when the beard is unkempt and scruffy. Shaved faces just look so much cleaner and attractive.
Skinny jeans look stupid too. I'm not talking about boot cut Wranglers which do look good on a lot of guys; I'm talking about jeans that could easily just be denim pantyhose. That looks ridiculous on guys.

No. It's plainly obvious that it's 2 eyes and a mouth, with funny shaped ears. Anyone who thinks this is porn is the biggest pervert on earth!

I'm proud of my culture and my heritage, as anyone else should be.

White people aren't just one big group though, there's a variety of ethnicities from English to German to Russian, and many in between. Saying "All White people are the same" just because of similar skin tones and facial features is like saying "All Asians are the same". Imagine the reaction if someone said there was no difference between a Japanese and a Korean because "they're both Asian".

I think there's some pretty good discussions on this site. Some people get a bit too carried away with the political discussions, but in general I like this site.

Sometimes, dry dog food smells like McDonald's.

I'm in Canada but there are lots of deer where I live and there are a lot of accidents with them. There's a stretch of highway where they put up a fence to keep the deer from crossing, but then they end up getting trapped on the highway, making matters worse. you can buy a whistle that you clip to your car that scares deer away, but I'm not sure how well those work.

Is it a bad idea to buy batteries from the Dollar Store.

I'd say no, but it depends. If you read the label closely, sometimes the store brand batteries are actually made by a reputable company and re-badged. Other times they're just cheap made in China junk. Also, stay away from "heavy duty" batteries; these are carbon zincs which don't last nearly as long as Alkalines. They may cost a few bucks less but you'll spend a lot more money constantly replacing batteries. They've been obsolete since the '60s, and Alkalines are superior with no downsides.

The MAIN reason to avoid cheap batteries though, is because they have a tendency to leak and ruin your device. Even good batteries can leak sometimes, so it's always a good idea to check the batteries in your devices every once in a while.

As for rechargeables, I've never actually bought rechargeable batteries at the dollar store, but I'd avoid them like the plague unless I read the label and made sure they were made by a reputable company. Cheap rechargeables seem like they would be a lot more dangerous because something could happen during the charge cycle.

Who has heard of gentrifying?
@JustJimColo Then whats the answer Linn? Kind of a situation where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

"Damned if you do and damned if you don't" is the perfect way to describe this situation. If you leave the dwellers of these ghettos to their own devices, they complain that they're being oppressed and forced to live in the shithole that they themselves created.... then when you try to improve the area, they complain about gentrification.
It is extremely frustrating when you try to help them and give them what they want, and all they do is complain. It's plainly obvious that the only thing some people are interested in is complaining and playing the victim.
this is the case in a lot of situations actually. Nothing you ever do is right, no matter how hard you try to help them.
it's time for more people to realize that nothing you can do will ever appease these people, so fuck em.

I don't like Trump much, never did...nor do I HATE him with every breath I take. But I have no use for "friends" who have turned on me and HATE me because I do not hate a person as much, or as intensely, as they do.

I agree. You don't have to like Trump or any other world leader, but some people dedicate every waking moment to hating Trump and complaining about everything he does. Even hating people who don't hate him, like your experience.
Being constantly full of negativity is not good for someone's mental health, it must be exhausting and depressing being offended 24/7.

And the rest would violently riot in the streets and vandalize everything in sight, as CBC calls it a "peaceful protest against fascism." punk smilie

Have or Had You Heard of 'Swatting', Before This Tragic Incident?

Yes, swatting happens all the time, and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Anyone who does shit like this needs to be severely punished.

If I had to choose, I'd say Bon Scott, but Brian Johnson is a fantastic frontman too.
AC/DC is universally liked, and they're still popular with younger people even though this is music from their parents' time. Very, very few bands have achieved this level of longevity, but I think they still would have achieved it with Bon Scott, if he hadn't have passed away.