Not being able to understand someone's accent more than likely indicates that you are of lower intelligence than the person speaking. After all, they can speak more than one language and you can't even understand the only one you've ever bothered to learned. About two in five of all victims of domestic violence are men, contradicting the widespread impression that it is almost always women who are left battered and bruised, a new report claims. Men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by police, see their attacker go free and have far fewer refuges to flee to than women, says a study by the men's rights campaign group Parity.

I've never seen a platypus in person, but I don't deny their existence, and I don't get offended at the mere thought of them.

It's been said by many in the know that it's not the outside terrorists we have to worry about and the weekend tragedy in Vegas proves it. The Las Vegas massacre was done by a home grown American citizen. Maybe Trump should be concentrating more on American terrorists than those he's wanting to keep out. Amirite?
@StarzAbove No one said it was only home grown terrorists. But the Las Vegas tragedy was because of an American. Yes, there...

Maybe hotels and other such places should start checking bags, or using X-ray machines for luggage like at the airport. Some people might complain about that, but after what happened, it's way better to be safe than sorry.

But murdering innocent people is their culture YOU BIGOT!

German composer Robert Schumann was self admitted to a mental asylum where he was diagnosed with "psychotic melancholia" Among other things, he couldn't get the musical note "A" out of his head. Do obsessive Trump haters suffer the same mental illness?

I just think about how awful it would feel to be angry and offended 24/7. Every waking moment is dedicated to hate and negativity, and that is not good for your mental health at all. I feel sorry for some of those people.

Enjoy the ice cream I guess?

A broken doll, modelled after an ugly baby, that is also a bad poet!

Can fastfood cause problems with your digestive system? Every time after I eat something that's fastfood my stomach and bowels are upset. I wonder if this could be directly linked to fastfood? Can fastfood do this to some people?

Yes. Our bodies just can't handle certain kinds of foods, especially foods that we're not used to eating. I used to live in a very small town, and would only have fast food once every 6 months, if that. Whenever I was in the city, I'd have some fast food, and not long after that it would make me nauseous and give me the runs. Pretty much everything I ate was a home cooked meal, even the restaurant in town had food that was basically like a home cooked meal. Now that I live in the city, I eat fast food every week or two at least, and I don't get that feeling from it anymore.

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

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When this is your prime minister you know your country is being destroyed (working link in comment)

Well at least he's upfront about his wishes to exterminate people based solely on the colour of their skin....

How do people eat pizza? What crust? Cheese or pepperoni?
What toppings do you get or do you get any at all?

pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Sometimes just pepperoni. (cheese is always a given so I didn't mention it).

Colour, not color, amirite?

Colour is the correct spelling, not just in the UK, but also in every other English speaking country besides the USA. Americans can spell it any way they choose, but it's annoying when they think their way is the only way to do it, and everyone else is wrong.

As long as both parties are consenting adults an age gap doesn't matter all that much when dating. I would date a guy in his early thirties if we hit it off. I think age gaps are only problematic when one is an adult and the other a minor. Love is more important than age gaps in cases where both are consenting adults.

Yes. As long as they are two consenting adults. There have been a lot of relationships with a large age gap.
Unfortunately there is still a stigma about relationships where both partners aren't the same age; if the man is older, he's viewed as a dirty old pervert taking advantage of a young woman, and if the man is younger, he's viewed as a dirty young pervert taking advantage of a lonely old woman.
Personally, I'd prefer to date someone around my age for no reason other than we're both from the same generation and experienced the same music and pop culture, and would have more in common. I wouldn't have a problem with going out with someone a few years older than me, but I probably wouldn't feel as comfortable with a much younger partner.

Yes it is, but most people don't see the hypocrisy. Anyone who does just gets shouted down and called a racist. In fact, I'm expecting someone to call me a racist for not enjoying being trashed, ridiculed, and demonized for being born a certain way.
The very least we could do is stop referring to the far left as "progressive" or "tolerant." The far left is just as hateful as the far right, the only difference is who they hate. The far left is actually more dangerous; no one takes the far right seriously because everyone knows they're full of shit, but the equally as hateful far left has so much influence and anyone who criticizes their racist hate speech gets silenced and called a nazi or a racist.